Bright Hub's Complete Guide to Minecraft

Bright Hub's Complete Guide to Minecraft
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A Tough Crowd

According to the most hardcore gamers, Minecraft is easy as pie. After all, it’s possible to play for more than half an hour without being murdered every ten seconds! Where is the fun in that!

Jabs at the super-hardcore aside, casual gamers who haven’t played “roguelike” games may be a little lost. Minecraft fits in this genre to an extent, and is by far among the easiest among them, but it is also much harder than more mainstream games. It’s not always clear what you need to do or how to survive.

As a result, online resources have sprung up to provide information that isn’t easy to find or discover in the game. Bright Hub is one such resource. We have guides on a wide variaty of topics such as crafting, building and even modding. Interested in making the most of Minecraft? Then read on!

Getting Started

Because of the many ways to play, starting Minecraft can be a bit confusing. It actually isn’t terribly difficult, but you need to understand a few basic concepts, such as the pitfalls to avoid while starting your first games and the core concepts of the gameplay. Reading our reviews and our newbie guides should make your introduction to the game smooth.

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If you’d like to be successful in Minecraft you’re going to need to learn how to craft. This will give you the information required to build weapons and tools, which can then be used to manipulate your environment. Remember, Minecraft is ultimately a game about manipulating the environment, either in order to survive or to create new structures. Without crafting, you’re going to be running around naked in the dark, zombies nipping at your heels!


Like any great survial game, Minecraft requires that you construct some sort of shelter that can be used as a home, even if it may turn out to be only temporary. Shelters like this are required because of the baddies that come out during night. Though you may be able to construct some weapons to fight them, their numbers will simply overwhelm you if you don’t have a place to hide.

The good news is that shelters are not difficult to build, and will generally keep enemies out so long as you fill in the walls and protect entries with doors. In the beginning of the game you can construct a simple home, but as the game progresses and you build new tools, you can start to work on more elaborate structures.

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Minecraft is an indie title, and like many such games, it is open to modding. In fact, the game itself has roots in a variaty of other titles, such as Infiniminer, which served as inspiration for the gameplay concepts that Minecraft is founded on. That’s not to say Minecraft is a clone, because it’s not, but there were games that influenced it.

As such, the developers of Minecraft have left it open for other players to customize the game as they see fit. Everything from character models to texture packs to monsters can be changed. As is often the case with modding, there’s a lot of amateur attempts, but there are also some mods that stand out. I’m sure that some Minecraft players would be absolutely lost if modding was taken out tomorrow, as they’ve layered on so many mods that the core game has been obscured.

Modding is rarely easy, however. Players usually need to change and move files, and doing it wrong can cause corruption of the game. As such, it’s important to back up Minecraft on a seperate drive before installing any mod. You wouldn’t want to lose your save while trying to add unicorns!

Minecrafting the Night Away

Now you know everything that you need to know about Minecraft.

But be careful! Minecraft is a world onto itself, and it can easily suck in players. Many have ventured into the world of Minecraft only to find that they were only able to remove themselves ten hours and five bags of chips later!

Okay, I kid. Sort of. The point is, as I said in my review, that Minecraft is a great game. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments!