A Collection of The Best Minecraft Hacks

A Collection of The Best Minecraft Hacks
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Minecraft is one of the biggest surprises in video games in years. A game created by a single person one of the things that makes Minecraft so much fun is the freedom to do almost anything you want and many worlds have been created simply off the basic Minecraft build. This sense of freedom is expanded even more by the ability to add things to the game using hacks and mods.

xCrAzYbOys Book of Recipes (3 out of 5)

One of the most important aspects of Minecraft are the recipes. These recipes let you gather resources and mix them together to create everything in the world. The Book of Recipes adds a huge amount of variety to the already existing recipes. This mod lets you create more tools and variety in the game and while there are many different recipes xCrAzYbOy’s Book is a great place to start. Another good mod in this type is melee weapons plus though the types of recipes in that mod are far more specific.

MineColony (4 out of 5)

Building a world in MineCraft is fun but after a few hours gathering resources it can get a bit old. MineColony lets you control four NPC’s which includes: A farmer, a lumberjack, a miner and a delivery man. If you supply tools to the three collectors they will gather resources and the delivery man will give them tools and gather the resources they collect. This adds a lot to the game by making it feel more alive, and it is a first step to making it a far larger game.


BattleTowers (5 out of 5)

Exploring minecraft levels is fun, but after a few levels they can begin to blend together. That is where BattleTowers comes into play. The BattleTowers Mod creates towers in your Minecraft levels filled with large towers that have enemies to fight, treasure to collect and more places to explore. It even has a boss at the top of the tower to fight.


Mo' Creatures (4 out of 5)

Once you have added in Towers and collectors in order to make your world feel even more real you can add in a lot of creatures with the Mo' Creatures mod. This includes animals such as Horses, Ogres, Boars, bears, ducks, lions, birds, and werewolfs. Some of these are


meant to be fight while the others are simply there for fun but they all add a lot to the game.

Legend of Zelda Map (5 out of 5)

Although technically not a hack, as it does exactly what Minecraft is meant to do, the Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past map is very impressive. This lets you visit every place from one of the most famous of video games and even has dungeons and eventually he plans to create the dark world as well. There are many other maps that let you explore very well made areas, but this is one of the best.

214969-minecraft-zelda original

Other Hacks

More hacks and mods appear for Minecraft every day and a lot of these mods are being improved because this is a game that is very simply designed and created to be something that can be explored, changed and improved upon. The Minecraft forums are filled with them, and if you’re playing minecraft you should check it out.