Minecraft Skinning Guide

Minecraft Skinning Guide
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Finding And Adding Skins

So you’ve played Minecraft for a while, maybe online. Maybe you’ve been watching a few videos of more established players, and you’ve noticed; these guys don’t look like the default minecraft guy! So you think, ‘I want that!’ and start searching for how to skin your character. So what do you do?

Well, the first step is you need to find yourself a skin. You could make your own, but what if all you want to do is find one that’s already been made? Maybe your pixel-art skills aren’t up to snuff, or maybe you saw a cool one you just want to have for yourself. Either way, you need to locate a skin. The most popular and largest database of user-uploaded skins is the Skindex. There you can find everything from a zombie skin to a team fortress skin, to Mario or Darth Vader. So once you pick the skin you want, just click the download link to the side, and save the file to whatever folder is convenient for you.

To add a skin is simple; all you need to do is log into the minecraft main page and visit minecraft.net/skin. There you’ll be presented with an animated picture of your current skin, and the option to download that skin. More importantly is the upload box. Click browse, navigate to the skin you picked, and upload it. There! You now have a new custom skin for your minecraft player.

Making Skins

Remember that download link, that lets you download the default skin? Well that’s your link to the world of skinning. Maybe you’re not satisfied with any of the skins you found on the Skindex. Maybe yo


u just want to make something custom, that speaks to you or says something about you. Maybe you just want to make something with genitals for a face. Either way, we’ve got you covered!

You have two options, once you’ve downloaded the default template for a skin. You can either open it up in paint, photoshop, or whatever your favorite graphics program is and go to town, or you can try one of the existing tools. If you’re using your own graphics program, you should pay attention; it will probably take some trial and error to figure out what all of the different parts of the skin map to. The face is obvious, but which part is the arm and hand, and which part is the leg, can be harder to pinpoint. You may want some sort of reference template.

That’s where tools come in. By far the finest skinning tool for Minecraft is SkinEdit, found on the Minecraft forums here. Minecraft skins are made easy with the use of this somewhat simple tool. From there, the only limitation is your imagination! Of course, your skin doesn’t grant you any special powers, so you’ll need to figure out how to survive on your own.