Minecraft Item Tutorial: Stone Tools

Minecraft Item Tutorial: Stone Tools
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Making Minecraft Items in the Dark

Surviving the first night of Minecraft is great, but you don’t merely need to survive. While your shelter is keeping the monsters out you can also lay down the foundations for your continued survival in Minecraft. In this part of the tutorial we’ll discuss how to craft a variety of useful tools while you wait for day to come.

We’re Going Down!

So, night has come to Minecraft. If you followed the advice in the first part of this tutorial you’ll have ended up with a small dirt shelter lit by a torch. You can watch the monsters through your one small window, but this isn’t the music video for Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The zombies will just walk back and forth and do nothing of interesting.

What you can do, however, is grab some raw materials and make some cool stuff. And the resource you need, stone, is usually right under your feet.

Take out your wooden mining pick and start digging. You shouldn’t have a difficult time creating a sort of staircase that lets you dig downwards one step at a time. Stone is simply a gray block, and it is incredibly easy to find. You should be able to dig through just a few layers of dirt below you and find it. Minecraft is randomly generated, so there will be some variance here – you might find it right under you, or you might need to dig down six or eight layers. As you dig you’ll notice a health bar under your wooden pick that dwindles. Once it reaches zero, the pick breaks and you’ll need to build a new one. You should have a lot of extra planks and sticks, however, so just get out your workbench and make another.

Once you’ve reached stone, begin harvesting some with your pickaxe. You’ll want at least twelve pieces of stone.

Crafting Stone Tools

Now you have the materials to build some useful stone tools. You don’t need them all right now, but you will need them eventually, and learning to build them will be helpful.

Get out your workbench and follow the recipes below. Pictures are included to show the recipe.

Axe – Used to chop wood more quickly.


Hoe – Used to create fields. Seeds will randomly spawn while you do this. I’ll cover this later in a farming tutorial.

Minecraft Item Guide: The Hoe

Pickaxe – Used to destroy “hard” blocks like minerals and stone.

Minecraft Item Guide: The Pickaxe

Shovel – Used to quickly destroy “soft” blocks like gravel, dirt and sand.

Minecraft Item Guide: The Shovel

Sword – Used to defend yourself from monsters!

Minecraft Item Guide: The Sword

As you progress in Minecraft you will gain access to better materials like iron and diamond. These materials will result in tools and weapons that are more durable and more effective, but the order of the recipes remains the same.


Now that you have these tools you will be able to start building up your shelter in Minecraft and you’ll be able to start exploring. By the time you’ve collected all your materials and built your tools day will probably be upon you. In the next part of this tutorial will discuss how to build a more elaborate shelter with doors and proper glass windows.

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Minecraft is a wonderful game that lets you be very creative. It is possible to build huge towers and also explore deep caves. However, you also have to survive an onslaught of monsters. This tutorial will help you learn how to survive and thrive in the game world.

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