Minecraft Achievements Guide: How to Earn All the Awards in Minecraft

Minecraft Achievements Guide: How to Earn All the Awards in Minecraft
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There are so many amazing things to do in Minecraft that sometimes it can help to have a bit of a guide. This is the purpose of the in-game achievements. Rather than requiring players to perform monumental tasks like cut down 10,000 trees or dig to the center of the earth, Minecraft achievements are intended to gently encourage players to try new things or explore features they might not yet be familiar with.

Achievements were introduced in Beta 1.5 and are faily new. Accordingly, there are not a ton of them to complete currently. More are planned for future updates.

Minecraft achievements are unlocked sequentially and in a branching manner. This means that certain achievements cannot be earned until their prerequisites are complete, even if it’s technically possible to perform the required action beforehand.

Let’s check out all the achievements in the game so far.

Getting Started


The very first achievement you’ll earn in your Minecraft career is Taking Inventory. You get this one the first time you open your inventory screen. Since doing so is necessary for any kind of progression in the game, it’s a fair bet you’ll unlock this achievement quickly.

Once you’re acquainted with your inventory, you can earn the Getting Wood achievement by punching a tree until you can harvest a block of wood. You’ll need to do this to craft early tools, so this is another award you’ll be unlikely to miss out on.

The final early achievement is Benchmarking. You’ll earn this award when you complete your first workbench. Since you can’t craft much without a workbench, this award should also drop right into your lap.

Farming Achievements

From Benchmarking, the achievement tree branches in several directions. One of these is toward the Time to Farm award, which is yours after you combine planks and sticks to make a wooden hoe, which can then be used to sow seeds.

Once you’ve earned Time to Farm, you’ll open up a branching path to two more achievements: Bake Bread, which requires you to combine three pieces of wheat into a loaf of bread, and The Lie, requiring you to combine wheat, sugar, milk and eggs into a delicious cake that can be used multiple times to replenish health.

The name of the The Lie achievement is a reference to the popular game Portal.

Hunting Achievements

Another branch from Benchmarking is the weapons-based achievements. The first, Time to Strike!, requires players to combine planks and sticks to make a wooden sword at a workbench.

Once Time to Strike! has been unlocked, players can then complete the Monster Hunter achievement when they attack and destroy a monster and the Cow Tipper award when they kill a cow and harvest some leather from it.

Once Cow Tipper has been earned, access to the When Pigs Fly achievement is unlocked. To earn it, first craft a saddle out of leather. Then, place the saddle on an unsuspecting pig and ride it off of a cliff high enough for both of you to take fall damage.

Mining/Crafting Achievements

In a game called Minecraft, it isn’t surprising to find a few achievements that involve extracting resources from the ground. The final branch from Benchmarking heads toward the Time to Mine! achievement, which is yours when you combine planks and sticks to make a pickaxe.

From Time to Mine!, the path branches once more. The first path leads to a single achievement, Getting an Upgrade. You can earn this achievement by combining stone and sticks to craft a stone pickaxe.

The other path leads to Hot Topic, your reward for crafting your first furnace out of six blocks of cobblestone. Once it’s up and running, you can use it to cook a fish you’ve caught for the Delicious Fish achievement or place some iron ore inside to smelt your first ingot and earn the Acquire Hardware award.

The final achievement is only available to those who have unlocked Time to Mine!, Hot Topic, and Acquire Hardware. Combining all the knowledge you’ve gained so far, you’ll need to use iron ingots and sticks to craft a lot of mine rails. Then, string them out over a 1km length. Use either powered rails or a huge hill to get your cart off and rolling, then ride it for over 1km to earn the On a Rail achievement.

Keeping Track

Achievement Screen

These are all the achievements currently available in Minecraft. As more are being added with every update to the game, it’s a good idea to keep checking your Achievements screen in-game.

To reach it, fire up Minecraft, load your world, and then press the escape button. The second option down on the left side is “Achievements.” Press the button to bring up the achievement tree and keep track of all of the awards you’ve earned and are working on.