Monopoly Millionaires Review - The classic board game comes to Facebook

Monopoly Millionaires Review - The classic board game comes to Facebook
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Monopoly Millionaires Game Basics (4 out of 5)

It was only a matter of times for a game such as Monopoly to make its way to Facebook. With Monopoly Millionaires, you can play a version of the popular board game on Facebook. You get your own game board where you can make houses and construct apartments much like the original game. To play Monopoly Millionaires you’ll need to visit Facebook friends or the NPC and roll your dice to move around the game board. You’ll land on the same titles as the game such as the community chest, water works, and if you land on colored tiles, you can collect home cards. These cards can be used at your board to help upgrade your homes into apartments. Dice roils act like energy in other Facebook games and you’ll gain more dice rolls over time.

Buying Homes (4 out of 5)

Monopoly Millionaires

As long as you have enough Monopoly cash, you can buy homes to place around your game board. The goal is to upgrade your homes until you have apartments on your lot. To accomplish this you’ll have to visit Facebook friends and roll the dice to collect the required cards to complete each upgrade of your homes. You’ll need Facebook friends to help you complete your apartment complex on your game board.

Leveling and Making Money (4 out of 5)

You’ll level up in the game each time you visit a friend’s board and roll the dice. Your rolls will refill each time you make it to a new level. To make money in the game you’ll need to collect rent from your properties. You can also make extra money each time you pass “go” on a friends Monopoly game board. If friends play your game board, you’ll receive money when they land on any title where you have built a home. The special titles just like the board game will also earn you some additional money. To keep making money with your homes be sure you have enough power by clicking the power icon and picking the amount of time you want to power your game.

Decorations and Movers (4 out of 5)

You can purchase new movers in the game, which you use to move around the game board. The classic car is the mover you start with but you can buy new ones later on. You can buy luxuries for your game such as roads, trees, shrubs, farm, tennis court, fountains, slides and other neat items to add to your game board.

Railroads (4 out of 5)

If you land on a railroad, you can be moved to another area of the game board by a switch. You can set your switch on you’re game board to move players to the area of the game board you want. So for example, you might set your switch to move players to the area where you can get the most money out of them with your properties. Traps can be added to your game board to make things more challenging. For example, the speed trap tickets any mover passing by.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Monopoly Millionaires is a great Facebook game but it does require plenty of interaction with Facebook friends. It can be annoying waiting for dice rolls but it gives the game a nice casual feel and you can play it in little blocks of time. The game looks great and more content should be added soon.