Best Neopets Weapon for Your Neopet

Best Neopets Weapon for Your Neopet
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Best Neopets Weapon

You will be able to find the best neopets weapons right in the town. This is because you can go to the market to shop through other people’s items, or you can look at the shops in the village. The battlegrounds rarely have weapons for you to use. There are a number of great neopet weapons to use depending on the neopets that you have, and the type of weapon you would like to use in the battle. They tend to be a lot of neopoints due to their abilities, and the rare ones are even more depending on where you find them. Find out which ones are waiting around the village for you to pick up for your next battle in the arena.

Seti Hilt Sword

It has an unknown reliability, and it is actually a petpet that you can use as a weapon in a battle if need be. It is 0 NP so this is a great feature because you do not have to spend anything on it. It has a rarity index of 97. It comes from the Sakhmet Battle Supplies origin. The stats for this weapon is unknown at this time.

This attacks with all the elements, and provides you with the most defense when battling other Neopets in the arena.

Sunblade Replica

bd bfm sunblade

This weapon has multiple uses for the battleground when in use on your neopet. This is a near perfect copy of Jeran’s legendary sword. It runs anywhere from 17,000 to 125,000 NP in the market place. It has a rarity index of 93, and a Battle Magic origin.

This sword also attacks with all the elements, but can also defend itself against other elements that are thrown it’s way in the battle arena. This is great for attacking and defending when they are needed.

There are also stats that are only triggered when fighting dark icons in the arena. This gives your neopet more defense against the dark fights.

Twin Faerie Blades

bd faerie twin blade

There are multiple uses to these swords that you might find beneficial. They have an average rating of 4.4, but do not let that bring you down. They are elegantly designed and beautiful for anyone who wants to look great while fighting. All the power of faeries is locked inside these two swords. You can purchase these twin blades for anywhere around 8,550,000 to 9,450,000 NP. It has a rarity index of 200, and comes from the Hidden Tower origin.

These provide the user with faerie power during a battle. They also can grab all of the elements, and defend against all of them as well as other faerie power.

They also have other effects which allow them to stand out from all others. Minimum 10 icons; Maximum 29 icons; Mean 16.51 icons, Median 16 icons, Mode 19 icons (after 200 tests)

Finding the best weapons to find with does not have to be hard depending on the Neopet that you own, and the fight you want to win. Make sure to get all the information down before deciding on which weapon to use. Of course, you can use more than one weapon if you choose too. This provides you with the maximum options out there.