A NeoPets Player’s Guide

A comprehensive guide to the free online Neopets game. Adopt a virtual pet, play games, sell items at the shop, and explore Neopia. Bookmark this guide to reference for easy access to articles you’ll want to read as you journey through this game.

Best Neopets Weapon for Your Neopet

Finding the best neopets weapons does not have to be a difficult thing to do if you know where to look. You will be able to get everything you need when you shop at the best shops, and play with the best weapons out there. Find out what awaits you when you go weapon shopping.

Guide to Neopets Brain Tree Quest Answers

One of the most convoluted and neglected quests on Neopets is the Brain Tree, but the rewards can sometimes be more than worth the trouble it takes to get the answers you need. The Brain Tree will ask you the time and place of someone’s death; how do you find that? Check out this guide!

Auction Sniping Guide – Neopets Guides

Maybe you’ve heard of it and want to know what Auction Sniping is. Maybe you’re an experienced user who just wants to make some money quick. Either way, check out this Auction Sniping Guide for Neopets and see how you too can learn the tricks to get ahead.

Neopets Cheats for Lots of Neopets Points

Neopets cheats for lots of Neopets choices require you to remember certain days in a year when limited edition Neopets are released. If you have a lot of Neopoints and some time to spare, you can exert extra effort to acquire restricted Neopets.

Mara Versus Neopets: Which is Best?

When selecting an online virtual pet which website rules over the rest? What are the pros and cons of the top two popular adopt a virtual pet websites? Discover what Mara Pets has versus the infamous Neopets and who deserves the title as the best.

Top 5 Neopets Games

Neopets has so many game options of all different genres including action, arcade, knowledge, chance, puzzle, and more. Read on to find out which are the top five choices and what they are all about.