Neopets Hints, Cheats, Tips And Strategies To Becoming A Millionaire

Neopets Hints, Cheats, Tips And Strategies To Becoming A Millionaire
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Strategy Is King In Neopets

The secret to earning millions of nepoints is having a great strategy. For overall game play, the best strategy is to make as much money as you can per day by collecting all the freebies and playing games with the highest neopoints to game points ratio. This type of strategy is useful because all of the sub games, and many of the freebies, have a limit to how much they can be played per day. This article will explore some of the best Neopets hints, cheats, tips and strategies that will help you maximize your game earnings and put you on the road to becoming a Millionaire in Neopets.

General Neopets Hints, Cheats, Tips and Strategies

There are a few things you should do each day you log onto Neopets that will help you build up your wealth. Visit all the daily freebies; even if they don’t seem worth it you are gaining something useful. If you have a bank account you should collect your interest. You can’t collect interest if you make a deposit or withdrawal, so be sure to get the interest first. You should visit the giant omelet and free jelly on a daily basis. Both of these are enough to keep your pets fed so you won’t have to waste neopoints buying food items.

It is highly recommended that you open your own shop. When you get free items from games or random events that you have no use for you can easily sell them in your shop. Use the shop wizard to search for the value of items you want to sell and try selling at the lowest price listed. The shops in Neopia sell out very quickly so you can make a lot of neopoints if you are willing to try out this time cheat. Limit your shopping between 3 a.m. and 7 a.m. eastern standard time, because that is when the market is usually stocked. You might be able to stock up on a lot of hard to find items that you can turn around and sell in your shop for a profit

Sub-Game Cheats

An article on Neopets cheats, hints and tips would be useless without giving specific cheat codes for the flash games. Most of these will only work once per game and some of them will only work once per day. The results seem to vary so use these cheats wisely.

carnival of terror

Carnival of Terror is a colorful shooter game where you have to kill the evil robot chia clowns. It has a good neopoints ratio, which means you will earn around 1.67 neopoints for every game point earned. Your ammo is not unlimited so use it wisely and try to aim only for the arms, umbrellas and pies. If you are low on ammo just aim for the pies that come your way until you get an ammo bonus.

Game Cheat: If you type custard on your keyboard while playing you will get more time, try to wait until you are running low.

More Sub-Game Cheats


Extreme Herder is another fast paced action game where Samrin has to load all the pet pets into the pen before Balthazar eats them. Try to get the bonus pet pet, marked with a yellow star, into the pen first. Going over the golden balls will make you faster while the blue snowflakes will freeze Balthazar for a little while. It takes a while to get used to this game but the 4.03 ratio is worth it.

Game Cheat: If you type freeze in during the game it will freeze Balthazar. Be careful, this only works once per day so use it wisely.

Hasee Bounce is a very fun game, and the little Hasee are very cute to watch. This game ha

hasee bounce

s a high neopoints ratio of 2.39. When the game starts you have two Hasee on a wooden seesaw, they take turns jumping off to try and catch the doughnutfruits floating by while avoiding the poop. If you collect the letters that spell out Hasee you get a bonus time of 20 seconds and if your letters are all the same color you get 40 seconds.

Game Cheat: Type more doughnutfruit while playing to fill up your time.

Snowmusnowmuncherncher is a game where you have to make Dieter the Polarchuck get to the bottom of the level before the time runs out. He does this by eating through different colored blocks of snow. Each time he chomps on a block of snow it increases the amount of bloat, and If he reaches 100% bloat you loose a life. In order to avoid this try to get the little potions that will make him burp and ease the bloat. You can speed up your time by aiming for rows of same color snowblocks because just biting one block will eat through the entire row of snow. The neopoints ratio for this game isn’t that high but it’s a lot of fun and really easy to get a high score.

Game Cheat: Type buuuurrrrrrrrp and it will decrease Dieters bloat by 50%.

A Last Reminder

When it comes to learning Neopets hints, cheats tips and strategies the best advice we can give is to practice games that you are good at and games that have high neopoints ratios. If you wisely use the Neopets cheats listed here you can easily earn 5000 – 10,000 neopoints a day just by playing a few sub-games. You will be well on the road to becoming a Millionaire in Neopets!