Simple Guide To Grumpy Old King Cheats On Neopets

Meet The Grumpy Old King – Cheats On Neopets

The Grumpy Old King is a cool game of chance that you can play on Neopets. When you visit you will see that King Skarl is very unhappy because his kingdom is being destroyed by the forces of Darigan. The goal of the game is to cheer him up with a joke. If your joke works then you can win neopoints and some rare items. Sounds simple right? Well, playing the game itself is simple but winning the game is where it gets complicated. Most people who play this game have the same question; where can you find the Grumpy Old King cheats on Neopets?

grumpy king not amused

You can play the Grumpy Old King twice a day. Each joke consists of a question and answer that you form from drop down boxes. The question is 10 parts and the answer is 8. Each drop down box must have something other than the “select” part it in or it won’t work. Don’t try to make the answers make sense, the more random they are the higher your chances of winning. That is because the game is a game of chance and winning it is 98% random. Most of the sites listing Grumpy Old King cheats on Neopets are just listing the jokes that randomly worked for someone.

Winning Grumpy Old King Jokes?

Here is a brief list of jokes that people have used on the game.

Q: What is you make a flock of brave Chia find explore for Gadgadsbogen?

A: When it’s protected her a helmet of bubbling Alstaf Poogle Chomby tashes!

Q: When wouldn’t you stop a herd of brown Chias from exploring to Garon the Lupe?

A: With wearing an official checkered Brucey B Crokabeks!

Q: How do you make a family of robot Boogie with a knack at Cheat!?

A: When it’s equipped with a orb of blue Cherryberry Cybunny jellies!

Q: How can you recognize a fierce Skeith from a tin of olives?

A: When it’s eating a basket of Guide To Kiko!

The reason you don’t see a pattern in these jokes is because there is none. These jokes might have worked for the people using them but they might not work for you. That is why it is completely random. If you wanted, you could decide to use these "winning" Grumpy Old King jokes instead of randomly inputting your own. We tried that strategy for a week and actually got one win.

Winning The Court Jester Card

moody avatar

There is one partial Grumpy Old King Cheat on Neopets that might work. This joke was taken from the blumaroo court jester TCG card. The reason it is considered only a partial cheat is because using the question below only increases your chances of winning the Court Jester Avatar and the Moody Avatar, it does not guarantee you will win.


Q: What do you do if (blank) Fierce Peophins (blank)has eaten too much (blank) tin of olives?

A: Can be anything you want.

Grumpy Old King Cheats On Neopets

food royalcheesebread

If you play The Grumpy Old King faithfully twice a day you are bound to win something. If your jokes makes the king laugh a lot you can win up to 1000 neopoints and a medieval prize like the skarl royal flag or a food item. If you make him chuckle just a bit you can win up to 600 neopoints and a cheaper food item like the sludge pie. Although these Grumpy Old King hints might not seem like much they will improve your chances just enough to make it interesting to play.

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