Best Virtual Pet Games – Adopt Online Pets And Play

Best Virtual Pet Games – Adopt Online Pets And Play
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Mara Pets - Enter Marada is one of the top if not best virtual pet sites on the Internet. This one-stop virtual pet shop allows users to play massive amounts of flash games, dress up, join clubs, explore 16 virtual worlds, and conduct auctions.

There is a 12 pet limit in Marada. Online pets can be evil or good depending on the specific world they were born in. Players must feed and care for their pets. If neglect happens your pet may die and go to the Undying Woods Graveyard where every online pet transforms into a wandering zombie.

Without a pet, players are not allowed to participate in virtual games on the site.

Leido Bounce Virtual Game -

Marapets games are plentiful. There are fun arcade, shooting, mission, quest, sports, puzzle, dress up, and even casino games to play. To do just about anything on the site you need Marapoints or MP. Playing a game will earn a few MPs to your account.

Fun arcade games like Leido Bounce or Quest themed Knutt Knight are great to earn points. In Leido Bounce players try to bounce falling Leidos into a giant glass jar without letting him hit the grass. Battle the fierce Knutt Knight in Baspinar’s Castle and win points to take your virtual pet to the Elite Gym at Lush Lake.

Another popular virtual game in Marapets is the doll dress up fashion area. Here players create their own doll to dress in the latest fashions. Dolls can resemble celebrities or be traditional. The animated doll shows up on your profile, where you chat with other members, and post on the forum.

Rescreatu Universe - Not Your Ordinary Pet

Creatu Online Pet is a different type of virtual pet place. Players adventure out of this world into one of their alternative realms named Scria, Relcore, Reiflem, or Atquati.

There are no ordinary dog or cat options here. Each online pet resembles a mythical anime character called creatu. Watch over your creatu as an egg and after it hatches teach it tricks. Some have wings or special powers.

There are 35 different species to adopt, each breed has specific temperament and appearance. Rescreatu’s online pets have individual characteristics as well. Become a rancher to sell other players creatu pets.

The number of games in Rescreatu grows regularly. There are about 23 games that players can explore.

In the popular game Charm Quest users must aid the beautiful Septimus in a search for her seven distinct charms. If you’re able to locate it you win a prize. Most prizes are items that can be used for your virtual pet. There are also puzzle games where players try to unscramble words.

Feed your creatu apples for the magical orchid or take a fishing trip. The activities available in the Rescreatu universe are endless.

Power Pets

Badger Blast Game -

Power Pets is more than a virtual pet site. They are devoted to real-life animal rescue and habitat restoration. Profits are randomly donated to organizations that can help animals in need.

The giving continues into their games with a Mega Money Madness Jackpot Giveaway held regularly. There are an assortment of flash games to play including action, sports, puzzles, arcades, and special holiday themed.

Strategy and memory games such as Lisha’s Lunacy or Card slots like Bingo are available. Players earn tokens for playing games. These tokens can be spent on your online pet.

One of their most popular arcade games is called Badger Blast. The objective is to toss slime at Minis the Badger three times while other creatures are shooting fireballs at you (if you ever wanted to see Badger themed Space Invaders gameplay, this is it - Ed.). Avoid missing and incoming fireballs to gain a handful of tokens. Powerpets has a lot to offer if you really enjoy virtual games.


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