Where to Find Fun Online Virtual Pet Games

Where to Find Fun Online Virtual Pet Games
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Fun Online Virtual Pet Games

Online games for kids are generally quite cartoonish and have some educational basis to them. Some of the websites that provide free and fun online virtual pet games contain this, but not all. Kids love to play these virtual pet games online because it is fun, cute, and free. This article will give three great examples of where you can find these games online and what you can do with them.

Fun Online Virtual Pet Games - Neopets

The Neopets website is one of the very popular free and fun online virtual pet games that has been around since 1999. It offers members the ability to have free virtual pets that you can feed, play games and puzzles, take part in daily activities, run your own shop, and meet new friends by joining a guild. The games that are on the Neopets website are also quite helpful in giving skills for using the computer, playing games, reading, math, etc. It is now a part of the Nickelodeon network of games, and is a trusted website.

Fun Online Virtual Pet Games - Guffins

Guffins Website

The Guffins website is a free virtual pet game online that you can even use with social networks. You are able to have your very own virtual pet and play with it, feed it, wash it, and take it for walks. You are also able to share your pet with others on Facebook and other social networking websites.

Fun Online Virtual Pet Games – Super Poke Pets

**Super Poke Pets Website**

Super Poke Pets is where you can make some fun and cartoony virtual pets to play with for free online. You can even dress your Super Poke Pets and give them a home. This is a highly popular game with kids that are looking for free virtual pet games online and will provide them with many hours of entertainment.

Internet Protection for Kids

As with all games that are directed towards kids to play online, it would be highly advised to supervise them when playing games online, and also to have a high amount of Internet security up to protect them, and if you also have Parental Control Settings up, don’t take them off! Some of the websites do have advertising, and may not take them to websites you would want them to visit. Some also have a network capability to stream things to Facebook or meet people on the website they are visiting. Make sure to turn that option off if possible, and always enforce that they do not give out any personal information about them or those they know, such as name, school they go to, their teacher’s name, their age, address, phone number, e-mail address, who they know, where they go to play, etc.

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