Zoo World 2 on Facebook: The Best Animal Zoo Game

Zoo World 2 on Facebook: The Best Animal Zoo Game
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Features (4 out of 5)

The objective in Zoo World 2 is to run your own zoo and make money while raising various animals such as zebras, monkeys, polar bears, and fantasy animals such as unicorns. You can breed animals in your zoo and have the “stork” deliver babies. The game uses energy points for tasks such as feeding your animals and collecting money. The game features various buildings and kiosks that you can use to generate income for your growing zoo. Decorate your zoon with trees, paths, fences, rocks, flowers, and other items to get a nice looking zoo. Raise more animals and expand your zoo as you level up.

In Zoo World 2 you have something called popularity. To raise your popularity you’ll need to add more animals to your zoo and create babies, which takes them off the endangered list. The more animals you add to the zoo the faster they will go off the endangered list and the more popular your zoo becomes.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

Zoo World 2

Zoo World 2 features a wide assortment of different animals for your zoo. You’ll need coins and the proper level to unlock new animals. You’ll start with the monkey, zebra, and then unlock other animals such as the Siberian tiger or polar bear. Some animals you can only receive as gifts from Facebook friends such as the Asian elephant. When you add two animals to your zoo, you have a chance to breed them and create young. When you breed animals, the stork arrives to drop off your baby animal.

Animals produce “hearts” which you use to breed more animals for your zoo. Higher-level animals give you more hearts, which increases the number of babies you’ll produce for the zoo. You can of course just buy animals if you don’t want to breed them. Higher-level animals also take longer to breed and produce young for the zoo. Feeding animals produces different loot items such as food that you can trade in for energy points in the store. While you can create individual pens for your animals, it doesn’t seem to matter if you put different animals together in the same area which takes away some of the realism of the game. The pegasus and unicorns are cute additions to Zoo World 2 but aren’t necessary.

Zoo World 2 features a whole host of different decorations for your new Zoo. You’ll find a nice selection of trees, fencing,rocks, jungle foliage, fountains and different animal dens. The game also comes with a bunch of different terrains such asgrass, sand, water, and snow. You can add paths between the different terrains for your guests to walk on. To make money in Zoo World 2 you’ll add various kiosks and buildings. You’ll find ice cream carts, T-shirt stands, burger stands, a photoshop, and other attractions for the zoo.

Interface (3 out of 5)

Zoo World 2

Zoo World 2 has an average interface. There’s far too much clicking on animals, kiosks, and collecting items which gets a bit mundane as you play. The energy system is very annoying and in this game it’s easy to run out of it. You’ll need to have plenty of Facebook friends playing so they can send you energy packs. There’s nothing new in terms of game play in Zoo World 2 but if you like zoo games, you’ll enjoy this one.

Multiplayer (3 out of 5)

This Facebook game doesn’t have much of a multiplayer component but you can visit Facebook friends for experience, coins and energy points each day. Some animals you can only send back and forth as gifts so it’s worth it to have plenty of friends playing the game. The multiplayer features are pretty standard for a Facebook game.

Graphics/Sound (4 out of 5)

The graphics in the game are a huge improvement over the first game. The animals look great and the game is colorful. One problem with the graphics is that the kiosks and other buildings are small next to the animals. A lion, for example, towers over the hot dog stand but these are just minor annoyances in the game. The sound includes a mellow soundtrack, but there are far too many popups and other annoying sounds that greet you when you collect items.

Overall Zoo World 2 Impressions (3 out of 5)

Zoo World 2 is well worth playing if you like zoo themed games. It’s miles above the first version and looks great. The game features plenty of animals for your zoo and some nice decorative options. You’ll need Facebook friends to get the most enjoyment out of the game and to pick up some of the gift only animals. if you are a Zoo World player, you’ll enjoy this new improved version.


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Source: Article is author’s own experiences playing Zoo World 2 on Facebook.