Where to Find Christian Preschool Online Games

Where to Find Christian Preschool Online Games
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Where to Find Christian Preschool Online Games

If you are wondering where to find Christian Preschool online games for kids to play at home or in the classroom, there are many websites online that are great for kids to play on. Some of these would even be good for bible school and sharing with others to play or print out and use as well.

As always, when visiting websites (especially with children), it is best to always supervise them, have on your Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware products, and only go to trusted websites.

Christian Preschool Online Games at A Kids Heart

A Kids Heart website offers many different online games that children can play. This site does have pop-ups, but most are blocked easily with a pop-up blocker. This website also has many other sections, including a wide variety of holiday games for children that are also quite popular and worth checking out throughout the year during holidays.

There is a section that is just on the “Bible” which includes such games as:

  • Bible Memory Verses

  • Bible Verse Coloring Pages

  • Bible Word Puzzles

  • Bee-ing What God Wants Me to Be

  • ABC Bible Verse Coloring Book (which you can download and print)

  • Creation (puzzle game)

  • The Nativity

  • Fruit of the Spirit

  • Noah’s Ark

  • Daniel in the Lions’ Den

  • Jonah and the Big Fish

  • The Ten Commandments

  • The Apostles

  • …and more!

Christian Preschool Online Games at Christian Preschool Printables

If you are looking for a wide variety of Christian Preschool printables, the Christian Preschool Printables website is the place to visit. This website is updated frequently and new things are being added all the time.

Some examples of the Christian Preschool printables found on this website include:

  • Bible ABC’s

    Angel Coloring Pages at Christian Preschool Printables

  • Christmas Bible Crafts

  • Printable Bible Puzzles

  • Christian Coloring Pages (such as Christmas printables)

  • Bible Story Worksheets

  • Kids Bible Crafts

  • Bible Story Word Wall Cards

  • Bible Story Minibooks

  • Creation Calendar

Christian Preschool Online Games at Kids Sunday School

The Kids Sunday School website is one of the best for Christian games online for preschoolers. It offers a wide assortment of games that kids can play. There are free games available from this website and also ones that are available only to members. Membership costs either $39 annually (per person) or an annual membership for a local church or group is $98. Prices are subject to change; these prices were taken in December of 2010.

Some of the games available from this website include:

  • A Chair for a Crown

  • Bring the Cross to Paul

  • Caterpillar Chase

  • Children of Abraham

  • Colors of the Rainbow

  • Do We Match?

  • Flying Dove

    Kids Sunday School Website

  • God Says…

  • Guess Who!

  • I Am Your Friend

  • Joseph Dreams

  • Keep It Up!

  • Lost Sheep

  • Love Chase
    Match & Learn

  • Noah Says

  • Pass the Baton

  • Pin the Rock on Goliath

  • Plague of Frogs

  • Rainbow Race

  • Search for Jesus

  • The Chase

  • Warmth of the Cross