The Best Dora the Explorer Computer Games

The Best Dora the Explorer Computer Games
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Dora the Explorer Computer Games on Nick Jr.

Dora the Explorer is a favorite of many kids that are just learning how to use a computer. To help them learn about many educational things and how to play games on the computer, these educational games from Nick Jr. is a fantastic option!

These games are a really fun and interactive way for children to learn. Games that feature the popular Dora the Explorer can be found all over the internet. However, some of these websites are not safe to visit, and can lead your child to other not so kid friendly websites.

Nick Jr.’s website offers many great and free computer games for kids to have fun with and also learn. As another bonus, it isn’t somewhere your kid is going to pick up the other unfriendly things and aim your kid to nonage-related websites and pictures.

Nick Jr. adds more games to their website frequently. Right now, there are 62 Dora the Explorer computer games available through their website. It can be found at the Nick Jr. Dora the Explorer portion of the website.

These games include free games and premium content games. Free games are available to play online, and the premium content ones cost about $20, but are fully downloaded to your PC to play anytime and are full-length games.

Free games include:

  • Dora Saves the Snow Princess

  • Dora Saves the Farm

  • Big Birthday Adventure Game

  • Dora’s Playtime with the Twins

  • Dora’s Magic Castle Adventure

  • Dora’s Magical Garden

  • Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

  • Dora’s Adventure Dress-Up

  • Dora Star Catching

  • First Day at School

    Exploring Isa’s Garden

  • Dora’s City Adventure

  • Find Boots

  • Dora’s Animal Photo Adventure

  • Little Star’s Wish

  • Dora’s Say it Two Ways Bingo

  • Perrito’s Puppy Tricks

  • Dora’s World Adventure!

  • Dora’s Rapido River Raft Race

  • Dora Candy Land

  • Dora Supper Silly Costume Maker

  • Meet My Friends

  • Christmas Carol Adventure

  • Dora’s Cooking in La Cocina

  • Dora’s Matching Game

  • Dora’s Carnival Adventure

  • Exploring Isa’s Garden

  • Color with Dora

  • Dora Saves the Prince

  • Dora Saves Map

  • Dora’s Star Mountain Mini-Golf

  • Dora’s Mermaid Adventure

  • Dora and the Lost Valentine

  • Dora’s Puppy Adventure

  • La Casa de Dora

  • Dora’s Space Adventure

  • Swiper the Explorer

  • Mega Music Game

  • Dora’s Fairytale Fiesta

  • Dora Puzzle Bridge

  • Say it Two Ways

  • Swiper’s Spelling Book Game

  • Crocodile Lake

  • Swiper’s Big Adventure

  • Dora’s Music Maker

    First Day at School

  • Dora’s Purple Planet Adventure

  • Where’s Swiper?

  • Tico’s Acorn Game

  • Find Floatie

  • Dora’s Spooky Forest

  • Where’s Map?

  • Dora’s Great Big World

  • Dora’s Pirate Treasure Hunt

Premium Dora the Explorer Computer Games for children include:

  • Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure

  • Dora Saves the Snow Princess

  • Dora’s Carnival 2 Adventure

  • Swiper’s Big Adventure

  • Dora’s Candy Land

  • La Casa de Dora

  • Dora’s Lost and Found

  • Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom

    Dora’s Big Birthday Adventure

  • Dora’s Carnival Adventure

  • Dora’s World Adventure

Dora’s Spooky Forest

Looking for a fun and not too scary Halloween game for children? Dora’s Spooky Forest is your best bet for a free Dora the Explorer Games for children. This game has Dora and Boots in the Spooky Forest and they need help! Creatures come out of the forest, but which one will help them? The animal makes a noise and the child has to then use the mouse to select which animal it is that is making that sound. This game won’t give your child nightmares, but will perhaps get them ready for a little “spooking” for Halloween.

Exploring Isa’s Garden

Exploring Isa’s Garden Screenshot

In this free Dora the Explorer game for children, Dora needs your child’s help to find Isa. They follow the path of the flowers and click on the correct one to keep Dora moving in the right path. Be careful to watch out for the butterflies and jumping goldfish because they will slow Dora down. At the end of this game, you also get a free printable reward!

Dora Saves the Snow Princess

Dora Saves the Snow Princess

In this free version of Dora Saves the Snow Princess, Dora is out to save the snow princess. Watch out for snow clouds, the witch, and other obstacles as you gather the special snowflakes. This is a fun game that children can play to help with hand-eye coordination and how to maneuver the mouse on the computer. At the end, you also get to print out a fun Dora the Explorer and Pegasus printable!

Dora’s World Adventure!

Dora World Adventure

This is another one of the free Dora the Explorer Games for children. Dora’s World Adventure is a fun game that explores different cultures, diversity, and more right from your computer! In this game, Dora needs to find the friendship bracelets that are missing for Friendship Day. Dora and Swiper travel to locations such as Tanzania and France in search for these missing bracelets. At the end of this game, you are able to print out passport stamps.

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