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What are the Best Codes for Free Neopets?

by: Senadheera Jayakody ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Didn't you find yet the best codes for free Neopets? Let's take a look at nice cheat codes for Neopets to enjoy the game at its max.

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    Neopets - Fun with Virtual Pets - Rare Item Code for Neopets

    Neopets Home Page Neopets is one of the most popular online games that players can enjoy with virtual pets. There is lots of Neopets free stuff out there. But many players are looking for codes for free Neopets to make the game more enjoyable. You may find various codes for free Neopets, free Neopoints, codes for more food, etc. Let's look at what are such codes to make things easier.

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    Cheat Codes for Free Neopets

    Making 5000 a day

    Here is a cheat code to get free Neopoints. First you have to buy lots of spicy wings and hot cakes and mix them in the cooking pot. Then you can put them in the shop and you will get 85 Neopoints. Cost for buying wings and cakes are 30 Neopoints each. In this way you can get more Neopoints.

    Quick Neopoints hack

    This is another cheat code for Neopets. First set the time to 11.59 and wait a minute. Then the game will think it is another day. This is a very easy way to get more Neopoints from the games and the trophies. Once done, change the time back to its original. Try these Neopets free stuff and you will be able to get quick Neopoints.

    Cheat codes for hide and seek

    Neopets Cheat Codes If you are looking codes for free Neopets this is another nice tip. Go to the library or the tree and click anywhere. Then click tab and then enter. Click in this order and keep repeating to see the result.

    Snowager cheat

    There is lots of Neopets free cheat stuff and this is another one you must use. Once logged in go to the Snowager when he is asleep. The time is usually 11:00 PM EST to 12:00 AM EST. He also asleep from 1:00 AM EST to 2:00 AM Est. Now try to get the item from him.

    Pet Combos

    Use these for Pet combos.

    • Poppit & Spyder > Spoppy
    • Mongmong & Snorkle > Moink
    • Angelpuss & Triffen > Blooky

    Monthly Neopoints freebies

    You mustn’t forget these Neopets free stuff too. If you have been playing Neopets for over 30 days you will get one item per Neopets. Also you get 2000 Neopoints for simply visiting it. There's no need to search codes for free Neopets. Get the maximum benefit of these opportunities.

    Cheat to get 1100 Neopoints or more

    First create an account and sign up for all offers. Best way is to create a separate email for this at Gmail or Yahoo. After that go to the shop and put 4 apples in it. Price those 1100 each and go to the signup page. Now create an account (fake account) and sign up as teen or above. Then you get $500. Make 4 pets and open Cartoon Network page at the bottom of the page where it says "Your Pet Has Been Created". Then you will have $800 in your account. There's more to get! Now go to soap box. Next say under 6 and do the rest of the page. Then you will have $1100.

    Try these enjoyable Neopets free stuff and definitely it will make your game much easier. Its better not to always rely on these cheat codes for free Neopets. Login frequently and try to play the real game. That's the best way to enjoy the game.

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