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My World, My Way Nintendo DS Review

by: Nighthand ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

My World, My Way in the final analysis is a simple game that was made on a shoe-string budget, the developers use successful elements from earlier titles, a few satirical moments, and wrapped them around a single good concept idea to create a game that pokes fun at itself.

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    Game concept

    An interesting game concept of pout points, magic, and combat that proves even self-absorbed princesses enjoy counting treasures and moving up in the world. The power you wield makes for interesting moments that often make you smile, even laugh, as you make changes with a complaint or two.

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    The story line

    The fictional character at the center of this RPG adventure is fickle princess Elise, who you're introduced to in the opening parts of a story that is heavy on charm when you're first introduced but starts to loose interest as you get to know it a little better. In the first scenes you're introduced to Elise, a spoiled and selfish individual, through interesting and humorous dialogue, and a absurd premise. Elise wishes to draw the attention of a suitable man to her beauty, so she decides she will become an adventurer to achieve her goal. You will move from town to town, undertaking boring retrieve and eliminate quests to move-on to the next town and repeat everything again.

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    Game graphics

    The generic characters, towns and buildings, and monsters that populate the hum-drum world of My World, My Way show off the power of the Nintendo DS with good detail and nice visual texture. Unfortunately, the developer Global A Entertainment went with re-using many of them through out the game, so expect to see many of the same characters and towns represented differently. They're money saving measures even went so far as to directly take My World, My Way's monsters, dungeon graphics, and game mechanics directly from Master of the Monster Lair, a former title of theirs.

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    Look for this box! Your world, your way Nintendo DS entertainment Xbox isn't this much fun 

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    Sounds in the game

    The sound track is present by is a generic mixture of pop tunes that is poorly constructed and doesn't really mix well with the game action or pace and doesn't add any entertainment value of note.

    The sound effects included with My World, My Way are kind of dull and annoying, rather than enjoyable and entertaining, as you listen to Elise rant and rave, and laugh at the game developers repeated attempts to lampoon the RPG genre and their own use of generic characters and quests.

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    The playability

    Ultimately My World, My Way starts out with a lot of playing promise, but fizzles out the more you play, and becomes hours of tedium that isn't made up for with a few well written lines of dialogue that make you smile. The interesting Pout system is fun and engaging to use but the combat and magic system is more of the same game play we're all use too.

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    The bottom line

    My World, My Way is a short-parade of old and tired mechanics and game play elements orbiting one new and interesting concept. Once you look past the thin veil of satirical laughs My World, My Way puts on you find a basic RPG that attempts to hide low-production values behind wit and creativity, but doesn't quite create a experience good enough for more then a short trip.