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How to Change Your DS Skin

by: Halahblue ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Applying a skin to your Nintendo DS is a great way to change the look, personalize, and even protect your DS from everyday wear and tear. Learn how to change a skin, step-by-step, including removal of skins.

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    Applying a Skin

    1.Clean your Nintendo DS to make sure it's free of dust, fuzz, or any other particles. If you don't, you will end up with lumps and bumps under your skin. Use a soft, lint-free cloth (like a microfiber towel or electronics towel). If there is tough grime, use a moistened Q-tip to remove it, then dry with a cloth. Be sure to clean the outside and inside of your Nintendo DS Lite.

    2.Start by peeling the front piece off its backing. Holding either side, move your hands together so the middle droops down. Line up the middle with the Nintendo logo at the bottom and the hinges at the top. Allow the middle of the skin to stick down first, then slowly lower both sides.

    3.Rub the skin from the center out toward the edges to push out any air bubbles.

    4.Apply the back piece in the same manner.

    5.If you skin comes with edge pieces, apply them next. Open your Nintendo DS and start by gently laying the edge strip on the edge of the DS. Press down in the middle of the strip and rub outward. When applying edge strips, pay special attention to lining up the skin with the cartridge slot and charger port.

    6.Skin pieces for the inside of the DS can vary widely. Some skins come with one large piece for the top and bottom, other kits come with multiple smaller pieces. When applying skins to the inside of your Nintendo DS, always line up openings with the respective buttons first, then stick down the middle portion. Always stick down the skin but rubbing from the middle toward the outer edges.

    For cleaning and care instructions recommended by Nintendo for the Nintendo DS Lite, visit their Customer Service website.

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    Removing a Skin

    Some skins are very easy to remove, especially vinyl ones. If you plan on removing your skin, you should check the manufacturer's website or the product packaging to see whether it's easy to remove. If you have a Nintendo DS that already has a skin, try peeling up one of the corners. If there is a lot of residue left over, you can use Goo Gone to remove it.

    1.Apply Goo Gone to a Q-tip.

    2.Begin rubbing the Q-tip in a small, circular motion over the residue on your DS. I would not suggest using this on the inside of your DS, but if you must, just be careful not to drip any of the liquid into your DS.

    3.As the residue breaks down, you'll need to use more Q-tips.

    4.Dry the DS bit by bit as you work over the whole case with Goo Gone.

    To check warranty information for your Nintendo DS, contact their Consumer Assistance Hotline at 1-800-255-3700.