Nintendo DS Accessories You Can't Be Without

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Best Accessories

The Nintendo DS Lite comes with a stylus and charger. Some of the special edition versions may be accompanied by a game that will match whichever specialized version you have purchased, such as Pokemon. However, there are many optional accessories available. So many that you might need some help choosing which ones you actually need. These are the best, most useful accessories for your Nintendo DS Lite.

1. Car charger: Most people bring their Nintendo DS along on their commute or to work or school for some quick play during the day. However, there isn’t always a conveniently placed wall outlet to recharge it when you need to. Car chargers for the Nintendo DS Lite generally cost less than $5.00. This is definitely the number one accessory that every Nintendo DS owner should buy. You can find them on or even extremely cheap.

2. Disposable battery charger: Just like the quick chargers for cell phones, you can charge your Nintendo DS Lite on the go and toss the charger when you’re done. This is especially helpful if you commute on the train or bus and can’t use a car charger or if you have kids whose batteries die at the most inopportune times.

3. Protective case: You can find protective cases for the Nintendo DS in a variety of colors and in clear plastic. A case is the best way to protect your DS from dings, scratches, and other damage - especially for those DS that are a child’s favorite console. I prefer the clear plastic cases, like this one.

4. Game case: DS video games are so tiny and their cases are so large that you either can’t bring games with you or you lose or damage their itty bitty cartridges. A games case is a much better option as they offer a great go between and still keep your stuff safe. They’re a hard plastic book with slots to hold multiple games on each page. I like this one by Intec that holds 16 games.

5. Travel bag: If you want a stylish way to carry your DS instead, travel bags are great. There is a huge variety to choose from. Bags specifically aimed at boys, girls, and grown ups can be found all over the Internet and in stores like Target. A.L.S. makes these great plaid bags.

6. Extra stylus: If you haven’t lost your stylus yet, kudos to you, but it will probably happen eventually. Accessory packs with three extras plus a game case, like this one are about $6.

Best Accessory Kits

DreamGEAR makes 17 in 1 accessory kits for the Nintendo DS Lite that cost less than $20. They’re available on and contain a protective case, a car charger, a charging dock, earphones, one stylus, two upper and two lower screen protectors, three game cases, three mini screen wipes, one carry all bag and one wrist strap. This is one of the best accessory kit for the best price that I’ve found.

Another good accessory kit is available from Intec on It includes an aluminum case, earphones, car adapter, two screen protectors, cleaning pad, neck strap, stylus pen, two finger tips stylus, eight game slot holders and much more.

Now, there are tons of great accessory kits out there, but these are two of the cheapest and the best overall when it comes to the amount of Nintendo DS accessories that you actually get with these. Either way you go, you want to make sure that you have the right accessories and keep your DS or DS Lite safe from harm to save you money in the long run.