Awesome Nintendo DS Lite Accessories You Have To Own Right Now

Awesome Nintendo DS Lite Accessories You Have To Own Right Now
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Nintendo DS Lite Accessories

While the Nintendo DS Lite accessories are some that you normally wouldn’t think about getting when you are buying it - they are some that you really need to have to keep your DS lite safe from harm. Here are some great Nintendo DS Lite accessories that you have to have:

DreamGear Nintendo DS Lite Bundle

DreamGear has you covered with this 17 piece Nintendo DS Lite bundle. It comes in four different colors: pink, black, white, and silver so that you can find one to fit your style. In this great kit, you’ll find: a tabletop charging dock, headphones, soft carrying case, custom stylus in your choice of color, 2 sets of screen protectors (both upper and lower), 3 game cases for safe storage, 3 screen cleaners, a lanyard for your wrist to ensure that you don’t lose your Nintendo DS Lite, and a nice tote bag for everything to fit into. This whole Nintendo DS Lite bundle is less than $30 on most sites, which means that you really can’t be without it.

Naki World Nintendo DS Lite G-Pak Organizer

ds lite pack black

This large Nintendo DS Lite travel case offers you a great way to organize and store all of your accessories so they don’t get lost. This great case doesn’t seem that big until you open it up, and then there is ample room for all of your Nintendo DS Lite needs. You’ll find that this case holds over 30 Nintendo DS Lite games, several pockets for different accessories that will allow you to keep everything separate as well, and a great set of dividers that are all customizable to offer you different ways to store your Nintendo DS Lite gear. And, for less than $20, it’s a great way to keep your accessories altogether.

Kuma Nintendo DS Lite 25 in 1 Travel Kit

ds lite travel kit

This is one awesome Nintendo DS Lite bundle that you’ll love. It has 25 pieces, with everything you could possibly need: a car charger, an Eva case, a wrist strap, a carrying case, an earbud, two protective shields, two skins, three screen wipes, a docking station, two stylus', and ten game cases. You can easily gather up all of your Nintendo DS Lite accessories and have everything neatly in one little area without much problem. It also comes in several different colors, such as pink, white, and black for any gamer’s style. This set is also well under $30, which makes it a great buy for any budget.

DreamGear NDS Lite Stylus 3 Pack

DS lite pens

Hate it when you lose your stylus? I know that I do and it seems that its at those times that I really want to play. Well, this three pack offers you a choice between black, white, or pink and gives you extras to hide around so that you’re never without one when you want to play! Plus, they are under $10 which makes it easy to see why you need to purchase these and keep yourself playing.

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