The Fundamental Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Hints List: All the Things You Need to Know

The Fundamental Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Hints List:  All the Things You Need to Know
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Talk to Everyone

Adults, kids, cats, and everything in between are all given things to say. In fact, almost every single person in the Town you start in has a quest for you that involves finding objects throughout the game as you travel about killing baddies. If you were going to collect those items naturally in the first place with no extraordinary purpose behind them, why not complete the quest for their varied rewards? These will take some time to gather up, but buying them directly from the many shops in the game is extremely expensive, and even the characters within the game suggest you not to buy them. Also, while gathering these items you will find a wealth of random bits and bobs that can actually be crafted into weapons, or used to upgrade your current weapon of choice.

Scan Early, Scan Often

Epic Battle Fantasy Hints: Using Scan Saves Lives

This is possibly the most important tip that this Epic Battle Fantasy 3 hints list can offer you: At the start of every battle have Lance use Scan on any enemy you have never scanned before. It will not only reveal how much health the monster has, but what weaknesses they posses. Using this information you can build your characters to combat whatever is before you most easily. For example: at the very start of the game most monsters are plant or leaf based, and using Scan will tell you they are mostly weak to Fire based attacks. This leads to faster victories, speedy progression, and more loot!

Attack Efficiently

Matt’s Bio From Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Try to focus your attacks on one monster at a time, generally the weakest one with the lowest total health first. (This is where Scan can help a great deal.) Over time you’ll notice the range of damage your three companions are capable of across the many monsters in the game, and then you can split up their attacks to take out multiple targets at once. If you know Matt’s Tremor can take down an enemy in one hit, have him do that while Natalie and Lance try to take down a separate target. Fighting monsters in this way is much easier to handle than randomly attacking targets at the same time.

Now Use These Epic Battle Fantasy 3 Hints!

The Group Feasts on Slimes in Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Keep these things in mind: Talk to everyone. They can have quests with valuable rewards available! Scan. Every enemy has at least one weakness and knowing how much health they have is invaluable in battle! Focus on a single target as you learn your character’s abilities. Firing at will might be fun to watch but is terrible strategy! Quickly snuffing out individual enemies makes the battle far easier as not only to the enemies die quickly, but that also leads to less damage that your team will receive, meaning less worry about having to heal everyone mid-battle! Finally, you only fight enemies by engaging them first. If your health and magic are low after a battle, just walk around a bit and they will recharge automatically. If a battle is not going well for you, you can always Flee it, which is in the Tactics option.

Utilizing these easy to remember Epic Battle Fantasy 3 hints will ensure you have a great time as you play the game. There is a lot of action and game time to be had in there, have a blast! (If you decide to try out the first game in the series, be sure to check out our quick review of it!)