Tips, Tricks for Mysteryville. Walkthrough for Levels 1-4

Tips, Tricks for Mysteryville. Walkthrough for Levels 1-4
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Tips for Mysteryville

Take on the role of an Investigative Reporter and search

the town of Mysteryville. A number of cats have suddenly gone missing and it will take all of your investigative skills to solve it.

Mysteryville started as a flash game and made a transition to the PC. The game play is quite similar to the Mystery Case files series, although the tone for Mysteryville is considerably lighter. The puzzles are less complicated. The game gives out fewer hints than its Ravenhearst competitor.

The best tip for Mysteryville is not to take the clue descriptions too literally. A cat could be a statue of a cat, a picture of a cat or an actual cat. It depends on the scene. It’s also important to remember that each reporter only gets a certain amount of time to solve the mystery.

The limited amount of hints on each room means that a player should only use this feature sparingly. These hints should be used only when necessary.

Talk to the Townspeople

Point and click adventure games require clues. Even though the Country Life Ace Reporter does not get to interact with the environment the same way she does in more complex adventure games such as The Adventures of Grim Fandango. Completing the clues and finding the puzzles also gives the reporter the ability to gain heightened senses. The heightened senses produce different in-game effects, but the most important part is that they make finding many of the clues easier.

Don’t Be Afraid to Move to Next Area if You Get Stuck


The temptation to remain in a room until you find all the clues is overwhelming at times. This however, often causes you to have less time to find other necessary clues. You will gain heightened senses from uncovering enough of the plot, and you can come back to the areas where you missed the items later.

Mysteryville Level 1 Walkthrough

The game starts by the bartender asking you to help him find ten wine bottles that he has misplaced around his establishment.

Three bottles line the shelves of the cupboard and another bottle rests on the face of the clock. Find the next bottle resting on the wall to the right of the clock. Look for a nest on the floor and secure the next bottle of wine. Go to the small table in the back and find more wine under the table. Take one from a shelf on the right side of the screen. Find another one on the window above the silhouette of a cat. Look at the photo in the glass case and get the bottle from that. Find the final bottle on the floor to the right of the rug.

Level 2 Guide

You caused quite a mess finding the wine bottles that the bartender misplaced. He asks for your help in cleaning the place up. Start by finding the candle on the keg of ale. The items must be found in the order listed here.

Take the elephant from the counter and take the key away from the rug kegs. Take the rose from the vase on top of the keg. Find the sand glass floating at the center top of the screen. Remove the tortoise from underneath one of the bar tables. The wine might look good, but remove the eye in it before drinking from the glass. Every bar requires dice. Pick up these misplaced items from bottom of the screen by a mouse hole. Take some lipstick from the shelf and remove the butterfly from the clock.

Mysteryville Level 3 waltkhrough - Find the Fortune Teller’s Cards

Mysteryville Screenshot

One may wonder what prevented the fortune teller from foreseeing and preventing this mishap, but your interest as the Countryside Life reporter remains finding out where the cats in the town have gone and why.

Find the first three cards by looking on the cupboards in this level. Locate the next three cards on or near the wall clocks. Take a card out from underneath the leg of a small table. Get the next card from a small shelf on the right side of the screen. Retrieve the net card from the curtain that contains the silhouette of a cat. Take one from a glass photo case and find two of the cards on the rug.

The fortune teller provides you with some valuable clues and lets you about some missing dice. (Are all the townspeople this disorganized?)

Find the Fortune Teller’s Dice

Find the first die by the mouse hole near the cupboard. Return to the small table in the back of the room to find the next one. Take one from the small shelf on the right side of the room. Take another die from the top of the glass case in the room. Find the next die by the elephant on display in the case. Look through the junk box to find the next one. Get the next two dice from inside a bucket and on top of the big table. Remove the final missing die from the eye socket of the skull in the room.

Mysteryville Level 5 Walkthrough

The previous levels required the player to find no more than eleven items in each room. This level requires you to find fourteen items. The following list shows each fruit and where to find them.

Mysteryville Screenshot

Melon – desk on the right

Orange – in the folding closet

Half apple – beneath the desk

Half apple – by the statue of the Buddha

Grapes – on the table at the bottom of the screen

Orange – small table in the middle of the room

Banana – under one of the small tables

Orange – on top of the wardrobe

Banana – on the shelf above the wardrobe

Thin lemon slice– making the rainwater tastier by the window pane

Banana – on top of the coat rack

The Spot the Differences Puzzle

The sixth level of Mysteryville is a simple spot the differences puzzle. You must find 12 differences between the two pictures that you are shown. Most players should be able to spot the differences without the need to follow extensive instructions.

Mysteryville Level 7 Walkthrough - Get Hypnotized

Mysteryville Screenshot

A scientist needs several items to hypnotize you. The hypnosis will help you find out what happened to the town’s missing cats. Like many of the other residents of Mysteryville, he seems to have misplaced the necessary items. Luckily, the ace reporter (you) of Country Life Magazine is in town to help him.

Start by finding the hammer on the top right of the screen. Click on the bowling ball under the chair on the right. Leaning on the right side of the chair is a broom. Pick it up. Get the plate from the right side of the table. Get the glass that rests behind the globe. Take the fax on the far right side of the counter. Take the knife from the right edge of the table. (The right side theme continues here.) Get the picture of Einstein from the chalkboard. Click on the owl on the shelf above the counter. Take the hat from the same shelf.

Remove the dog from the top of the television set. Return to the chalkboard to get the spider. The final item needed to complete the hypnosis is the monkey resting between the television and the chair.

Solve the mystery of the Missing Cats

This level works a little differently than the others. You do not know what the items are, but instead find shadows of objects on items. Finding the shadows actually makes this level a little easier than proceeding levels. The names of the items a player must find have not been given for this reason.

1. In the middle of the Table

2. By the flower pot on the same table

3. Between the furnace and the far left counter

4. on the chair

5. Far left counter shelf on the right side of the screen

7. On the edge of the shelf on the left side of the chalkboard

8.Counters on the far right side of the screen

10. Television

11. Television

12. Television

13. By the globe

14. Top left, bottom shelf

15. right edge of the table.

Complete this puzzle and find out what has happened to the missing cats in the town.