Checkers for iPhone Review: Play Checkers on Your Phone For Free

Cloning of Classic Games

The iPhone seems to be permanently in the trap of being a format to reissue classic games whose success is based on simplicity and repetition. This is an easy way to make a buck without creative development or inventing a new property. The same logic exists in the consistent trend toward making feature films out of television series, and the reason why the App Store is packed full of card games and minesweeper. Now we have Checkers, which is an incredibly popular drunk uncle to Chess. Though this free game is somewhat sparse in its features, it does offer enough gameplay to keep you interested. That is, if you like checkers.

Theme of Checkers for iPhone

The game interface is based around the nostalgia that someone is supposed to feel when playing the game. We are given a soft, rustic color palette that is intended to give us the sensation that we are playing some time in the past. There is a calm wood tone painting the background, which may not do much for your actual gameplay.

Game Play

The game mechanics itself are simple enough to figure out in a number of seconds. You touch your piece, then the place you want it to go. That will make it go there. The rules then are owned by the game and have not changed since you last played it with your babysitter.

Different Modes and Problems

You do have options to play the computer in one player mode or to play a friend in the two player challenge. Each mode will allow you to customize the game somewhat with an options menu. The game is free, and like is often standard in the iPhone free market, there are annoying advertisements at the bottom of the screen while you are playing. Though it is a small bar, it is still intrusive. Overall the game is satisfying for those who will actually take the time to play it. The two player mode is great for you and a friend while sitting on a train or airplane, but may be a little too lengthy to do in many other situations. This is one bit of nostalgia that may be well earned. Six and a half stars out of ten.