Jenga World Tour for the Nintendo Wii, Game play

Jenga World Tour for the Nintendo Wii, Game play
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I Used To Love Jenga

I could play the game for hours. Stacking wooden blocks, sliding them out from the towers structure, and laughing my rear end off whenever I, or another player knocked down the swaying tower.

When I heard the news that Jenga would be hitting the virtual world of Nintendo Wii I was giddy with excitement. No longer would we have to drag out the old Jenga game, no more would we have to pick up pieces or worry about missing pieces, no more would we have to build the tower ourselves. The game would do all of that for us!

The day Jenga World Tour for the Nintendo Wii hit shelves, I did not hesitate to grab myself a copy. For the $30.00 I spent, I imagined it would be $30.00 well spent. Unfortunately it was the biggest waste of money I’d ever spent on a Wii game. With horrendous camera angles, awful controls with terrible reactions time; it was as if the game was designed for you to lose the moment you pick up the controller.

Game Play (1 out of 5)

Without even playing the game one can guess how game play will work out on Jenga World Tour. You use the Wii Mote to remove one block from the bottom of the tower, and place it at the top of the wooden tower of blocks without knocking it down.

In an original game of Jenga this was all fun, all glory, and at some points annoying, especially when the tower came toppling down. The loser had to pick up the pieces, stack them up one by one till the tower was as good as new again.

The only good thing about Jenga World Tour is the fact that the loser no longer has to pick up fallen pieces, or rebuild the tour. Everything else about the game sucks, and thats putting it mildly.

World Tour added to the word Jenga is basically an addition of background themes, and changes in the appearances of the original wooden blocks. A few random events also will occur in the backgrounds that will make the game even more difficult than it needs to be. For instance in a dinosaur themes board a dinosaur will stomp in the background which will cause the tower to sway. Other boards will throw in other elements to make the already flawed game even more difficult to complete.

You have the option to play against the computer or actual human opponents.

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Images of Game Play

Game Play

Controls (1 out of 5)

This is where the game Jenga World Tour becomes the total waste of money and natural resources that it is. The controls are simply horrible.

In order to remove a block from the tower, you choose which one you first want to try and pick out. You size it up, hit the A button, and slowly yank back on the Wii Mote to remove the block from the stack. You can also tap at the blocks using the B button. It all sounds simple enough,but when the controls are non-stop glitchy you cannot get the block out without toppling down the entire structure.

After dedicating close to 45 minutes to the game, I gave up. The controls were so horrible that my record was 4 blocks removed without tipping the tower. I could not get further than that, and this was not due to being a bad gamer, this was all due to the lack of functioning controls.

If you are successful in removing a block, bravo! Celebrate now, because placing that block at the top of the tower is as equally frustrating as it is removing the block. The controls just refuse to work with you, which result in crooked placements of blocks at the top of the Jenga tower.

All in all, there would be times when blocks would easily slide out of there pockets, and times when it was impossible to nudge a block out. Add into the equation the tapping of the B button which would decide when, and when not to work, made the game impossible to be enjoyable.

Graphics (3 out of 5)

The graphics in Jenga World Tour are relatively decent. The Jenga towers all look realistic with a charming overall appearance to them. Not much changes of course. You have a few new themed backgrounds, and a few new looks to the actual Jenga blocks; that is about it. The themes however are easy on the eyes; it’s just to bad the games controls are not responsive.

Overall (1 out of 5)

Overall Jenga World Tour feels like a game of chance. The controls decide when they will work, and decide when not to work. It is really a shame because Jenga World Tour could have really been a great game had it been executed properly. Considering the fact that the game came to close to $30.00, I felt like the worlds biggest idiot for purchasing this game when I could have just whipped out the old $10.00 board game.

Jenga World Tour for the Nintendo Wii is definitely a game I would recommend skipping. In my opinion it is not even worth renting.