Scene It? Twilight for the Nintendo Wii

Scene It? Twilight for the Nintendo Wii
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Going Into the Twilight

Trivia games are always fun, and being able to see video and hear audio and listen to music related to the questions only adds to the enjoyment. But playing Scene It? Twilight doesn’t just do all this - it does it using the strengths of the Wii’s wireless remote to make the gameplay faster and the stakes for getting the right answer more nerve wracking.

Over 500 multiple-choice questions, puzzles and mini-games will keep your or those joining in with you busy for more than just a while - the addition of the voice narration from“ Dr. Carlisle Cullen” from the movie will keep you at attention for the next challenge. Do you have what it takes to be a mega-fan? Or are you just faking it? Now’s the time to find out and the Nintendo Wii is the video game platform to use for making it so.

How it Works (5 out of 5)


If you’re expecting static screens to checkmark answers, go play the paper version. Here there’s a new interface that makes navigating - and understanding what comes next - simple and easy. Those who’ve played Scene It? In the past on other systems will be intrigued as to how just tweaking the interface so as to not follow the DVD format that has been used successfully for so long can make such a difference. Of course it would have been nicer if the game didn’t just focus on the first movie, but then that’s why there are video game sequels just as there are movie sequels. Ansewering too quick may get you the lead, but there’s also times when you’ll lose points for shouting when you should have been quiet. The content from the movie isn’t there to just watch or listen to either; you’ll be expected to perform tasks in order to rack up the points.

What you See and hear (4 out of 5)


What’s surprising to me is how good the video looks. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Wii for gaming because of the interface and way it works, but I’d never mistake it for the graphic horsepower of a Xbox 360 or PS3 (maybe that’s why the Wii isn’t exactly know for playing DVDs except maybe if it’s been moded). So seeing bad video here would be worse than disappointing since it’s so integral to the game - it’d be a disaster. Of course it helps if you’re not watching on a big screen - playing it on a 32 inch LCD HDTV looked much better than when I transferred the video through my front projector and onto a 100 foot screen. And considering that the film isn’t exactly sunshine and biright lights, I guess that helps. But I digress. The point is that the quality of the video is more than good, and the motion of the video lifelike enough, for the game to get the point across without drawing attention to the fact that the Wii is trying so hard.

Gameplay (3 out of 5)


Now those who know the characters will jump right in - those who don’t should realize that sitting with a fan to play the game can be intimidating and a bit embarrassing (especially if the fan is someone you used to change diapers on). Getting multiple Wii remotes will let you play more dynamically since a player can “buzz” in to take away the question from another player. Multiple gamers or no, unlocking bonus materials and scoring mega-points by succeeding at the trivia and related challenges offers more than a DVD version ever could. And being able to “shake” the Wii remote and have that translate into action is very cool indeed.

Do You Get It?

Of course this game predicates on a desire and love of the movie franchise - not such a stretch when you think about it. The target audience is young and definitely not the over 40 crowd, but I can appreciate the way the Nintendo Wii pumps up the Scene It?’s use for this version of their ongoing titles. It’s fun, somewhat compelling (more so for others than me) and certainly delivered in a polished format that takes full advantage of the Wii’s strengths (wireless controller), while minimizing its weaknesses (the video presentations). Rent the movie, play the game, enjoy.