Where to Find Mathematics Board Games

Where to Find Mathematics Board Games
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Learn With Board Games

Board games are fun for the whole family. They have also been a useful tool for teaching kids about money, counting, colors, letters, words and much more for many years. The repetitiveness of the board game allows the child to learn the rules and what to do in the game as well as understand what the game is trying to teach them. For example, counting spaces, money, candy, etc. helps the child with math, while reading the cards or information on the board helps them with reading.

Where to Buy Math Board Games

Math is a subject that isn’t always easy for kids to understand. That is where learning in a fun way with something such as board games can help them tremendously. There are many fun mathematics board games out there that are purchasable. Here are some of the fun ones that are available at a reasonable price online:


Amazon offers some really fun games on their website. Plus, for most products (if buying directly from Amazon), you can get free shipping if your order is $25 or more. This saves you time and money (especially if you live in an area that does not require them to charge you tax on your total too).

Learning Resources Money Bags A Coin Value Game – this is a great game for teaching the value of coins and counting money. It does however contain small parts (the coins), which is not intended to be used around children 3 or younger as it is a choking hazard.

Sum Swamp Addition and Subtraction Game – this mathematics board games teaches adding and subtracting while having a math adventure in the Sum Swamp. Game is for 2-4 players.

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Learning Resources Dino Math Tracks Place Value Game – this award winning game has a fun prehistoric twist that makes learning counting, addition, subtraction more interesting. This game is able to be played with 2-4 players.

Auntie Pasta’s Fraction Game – this is a great game for teaching fractions. It takes pizza and teaches about fractions from something most kids love!

Learning Resources

Learning Resources sells fantastic products to help children learn about just about anything. Their website offers their products and also includes sales items, which often offers great deals!

Mummy Math – teaches addition and subtraction white playing an ever changing game in a pyramid!

Mathematics Game

Count and Seek Pet House Game – this game not only teaches kids about adding and subtracting, but also about pets and how they count on them to be cared for. Great game for kids, especially ones with pets!

Measuring Marathon – this math board game teaches kids about measurements in customary and metric scales.

Free Math Games to Print

Here are some free places to download mathematics board games online:

Print Math Game

Dr. Mike’s Math Games for Kids – this website features math board games for children from Kindergarten to 7th grade! With such a wide range of games for kids, this is a definite must stop for all those looking for free math games.

Jefferson County Schools – this website has so many different types of ready to print board games that you will find what you’re looking for in a mathematics board game and more!