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Middle East War Themed Board Games Worth Playing

by: Sheila Robinson ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Strategic war games give players to get a simulated experience in many historical battles and fantastical scenarios. Conflicts in the Middle East have been the inspiration for a selection of these types of board games. Find out about some Middle East board war games you may want to play.

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    The following board games involve strategic warfare modern to ancient times in regions of the Middle East. The titles vary from heavy historical play to satirical titles that look at war with alternative perspectives.

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    Persian Gulf: Battle for the Middle East

    Persian Gulf Battle for the Middle East Originally released in 1986, Persian Gulf: Battle for the Middle East is a modern warfare style strategy title that simulates the different aspects of military operations in the deserts and mountains. Game play focuses on Iran and Iraq with maps including areas of Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. All players involved attempt to control regions of the map. Victory conditions also include control of the oil resources in the Gulf. The game is suitable for players ages 12 and up. You can buy this game through

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    Middle East Combat

    Middle East Combat - game board For those who are familiar with Axis and Allies war games, Middle East Combat is a variation on this series. It is a battle between Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and USSR for control over key neutral nations and oil resources. Victory conditions include holding 10 oil areas by the end of turn, control of all enemy capitals or hold three neutral capitals. This board game is suitable for players aged 12 and up.

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    Middle East Smackdown

    This is a satirical board game about politics in the Middle East. Players can choose to represent Israel, US, Syria, Iraq, Iran or Lebanon. Terrorist activities from the Syrian and Iraq regions have gone too far and have started a full scale war. While most countries will have technological superiority, Iran uses men for fodder and liberal politicians to try and manipulate the media and allies within the US and Senate. The US will also need to be concerned about whether or not their military funds will be cut. Middle East Smackdown can be played with 2 to 4 players. You can purchase it through the Guild of Blades Publishing Group website.

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    War on Terror – The Board Game

    In this anti-politically correct twist to a typical war game scenario, players can either play as an Empire to try to liberate the world from Middle Eastern terrorism or become a terrorist themselves. To win as an Empire, you will earn enough Liberation Points by securing continents and building cities. This is achieved by having a development on every country within a continent. Alternatively, to win as a Terrorist you will need to earn enough Liberation Points by cleansing out continents from all Empire developments. The game can be purchased through the War on Terror the Board Game website.

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    Kadesh Mobile Warfare in the Ancient Middle East

    Kadesh Mobile Warefare in the Ancient Middle East This Middle East board war game originally released in 1991 simulates the battle between the Hittites and the Egyptians in 1285 BC. Game play is centered on this full day of dramatic conflict actions that involved a lot of maneuvers, attacks and counter attacks with the use of chariots. Victory conditions are based on the number of battles lost along with the capture of Kadesh and the camps.

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