Top 5 Zombie Board Games

Top 5 Zombie Board Games
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Zombie Board Games

Those who love playing zombie board games would be glad to learn that there are numerous board games with zombie themes. This article lists down five of the best zombie board titles that can be ordered from the Net today.

All Things Zombie

This is an action-reaction game perfect for groups. This is a quick paced tactical game featuring optional role playing game, impressive counters and maps. The game is very easy to learn and play, with a turn featuring zombies moving in, and survivors shooting and reacting to each other’s moves. The games come with attractive artwork with 90 counters for survivors and zombies, 88 status counters, a couple of double sided map boards, and six dice.

Price: $60

Zombie Town

Zombie Town

Zombie Town board game allows players to work together to avoid the onslaught of zombies, barricading themselves in and getting the supplies to fight off the dead enemies. The game can be played by up to six players, with each one representing survivors of a community that has been ransacked by the zombies. Now players have to barricade themselves in order to kill of the zombies, finding guns and survivors while taking over the houses left by the zombies.

Price: $50

Last Night On Earth

Last Night on Earth

Last Night On Earth board game allows 2-6 players to compete against each other. While there is no need to cooperate with each other, it can be a key to one’s victory. In this game, group of heroes faces a plethora of Zombies. Players can play the Hero or as Zombies. There are different scenarios for playing adding more spice of the game. This fast paced and easy to play game features four expansion sets. It also has an original music soundtrack for a better feel of the game.


Zombies Board Game

The second edition of Zombies board game has the players taking on the role of survivors amid a city that has been taken over by zombies. Players will move according to the roll of the dice. Players need to protect their life counters and save their bullets in order to survive against their enemies. The first player to get to the middle of the Helipad tile and beat the Zombie, or kill 25 zombies, will win the game. A player that is killed by the zombie will either go back to the starting tile or lose half of their kills. The title features improvements like updated rules, updated art for better visual appreciation, and a brand new map. It can be played by 3-6 players.

Price: $30

Mall of Horror

Mall of Horror

Similar to the game Dawn of the Dead, Mall of Horror features zombies invading a mall and it is up to the player to stop the carnage. Each player is in charge of controlling 3 characters- a big, strong guy, a man with a gun, and a blonde girl. The players must escape the charging zombies by locking themselves in the stalls, but the catch is that there are not enough space for them to hide, and there is always a chance that they may be trapped with the zombies themselves.

Price: $150.

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