The Best SMART Board Math Games

Using your SMART Board for classroom games

If you’re one of those people out there who uses their SMART board for teaching your students via the very useful (but also rather dull) mechanism of an electronic whiteboard, it’s worth it for you to know that there are better ways to get a lesson across with this versatile piece of technology. As you know, video games are becoming increasingly popular with the younger crowd, and generally speaking, most young people will be a lot more excited if their learning comes through a game rather than through a whiteboard. Be that as it is, here is compiled a list of the best educational games available for the SMART board that can help younger students get the most from their educational experience.

PBS Kids Interactive Whiteboard Games

PBS Kids Smart Board Games

After SMART Boards began gaining popularity, non-profit child-friendly site PBS dedicated an entire section to the development,publication, and refinement of several interactive whiteboard games for use in the classroom. These games include such things as english and writing practice, spelling practice, reading comprehension, social sciences, and some of the best SMART Board math games available for younger students. A must for SMART Board teachers of younger students.

You can find the PBS interactive whiteboard games here:

Game Shows in the classroom!

Another fantastic way for you to teach students via SMART Board games is by using game shows. The fantastic thing about these is

Build Your Own Jeopardy

that they are often very customizable for you to create, so you can have a Smart Board math game, a science-related game, or just a Smart Board game in general. The best game out there is the interactive whiteboard recreation of "Jeopardy", which allows teachers to create their own questions and answers to be entirely played through on their in-class SMART Boards. This great application is available for free online and offers hours and hours of fun for learning, or just for kicking back and relaxing!

Build Your Own Jeopardy:

SMART Board games for when you’re not just in the classroom

Of course, you can’t always be using your SMART Board for educational games, can you? Every once in a while, it’s good to sit back, relax, and enjoy some of the mindless fun that the tech can offer. Here are 2 fun and entertaining games that will be the perfect reward for students who complete assignments, or if you’re just looking for some SMART board interactive games to kill time with.

This is Sand

A Screenshot from ThisIsSand

"This Is Sand" is a completely useless, totally un-impressive game that you will not be able to stop playing- especially if you do it on a SMART board. The game has you click a color, and then press down on an area to make sand of that color fall into place at the bottom of the screen. The more sand you put, the more it builds up and the more you can create. Sound boring? It’s not. You’ll find yourself easily wasting away your minutes with this little application. If you’re still in disbelief, give it a try!

Railroad Builder

Screenshot from

Ever since the classic song "I’ve Been Workin’ on the Railroad", people have had a fascination with building railroads, and today is no different. Using the SMART board, you can play a new take on the classic "Pipe Dream" game where you have to complete a railroad in order to lead a train to the exit using pre-determined pieces. You drag and drop the pieces into place using your finger (or mouse, if you’re playing on a computer) and the train follows the path of those pieces. Be careful, though! If your train gets to the end of the line before you can get all the way to the exit, you lose. This is one game that is bound to have you (and your students) busy for hours on end.