Five Games for Family Game Night: Apples to Apples Game, Blurt, Taboo and More

Five Games for Family Game Night: Apples to Apples Game, Blurt, Taboo and More
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Looking for ideas for fun family games? Give these popular games a try!

Apples to Apples

The Apples to Apples game is like a twist on democracy in action. Everyone gets a chance to be a voter or the judge in every round. Here’s how it works.

Players each receive seven pop culture or lifestyle cards. Celebrities, wars, events and even daily activities, such as “a high school bathroom” will appear in your hands. Players take turns playing the judge, who draws one “adjective” card, which bears a descriptive word such as “luscious,” “graceful” or “dangerous.” Players are given the opportunity to select two cards from their hand that best fit or oppose the judge’s card.

The judge shuffles all the submissions and chooses the one he or she likes the best. The judge may choose a match or an opposite on a whim. The winner of each round gets to keep the adjective card. Once a player receives seven of these cards, they are declared the Apples to Apples game winner.


Imaginiff is one of the most fun family games. Even though it contains little educational value, it makes for a great family party game.


Players each choose a celebrity, friend or historic character and write their names on the Imaginiff board with dry erase marker. Each player chooses a color and receives a game piece and six voting cards, each labeled with numbers on through six.

One player rolls the dice, chooses a celebrity from the board, draws an Imaginiff card and read its contents. Given the options on the card, players must choose which characteristic is most likely given the chosen character’s TV or lifestyle habits. The players who voted for the most popular characteristic all move ahead on the board. The game is finished when a player reaches the finish line on the game board.



To play Taboo, split up into teams and draw a card from the stack. But don’t read any of the words on the card! Instead, give your team clues about the card using explanations that don’t include any “taboo” adjectives listed below the main word. You’re given one minute per round to go through as many cards as possible. At the end of the round, tally your points on the score sheet. The team who ends with the most tallies wins.


TriBond is one of the best family games for sports enthusiasts, scholastic nuts and celebrity aficionados. Players roll two dice – one for points and another for a topic. Choose between logic puzzles, pop culture, academic questions or sports. Another player will read you


three names, places, things, movies or teams, and it’s up to you to determine what these three have in common.

But no one gets to give you clues! Everyone else must keep their lips zipped as you guess. The player who gets the most questions right after several rounds wins the game.



If you’re a walking dictionary, then Blurt! is the game for you and your family. Everyone is on their own team, and each player takes turns reading a card from the stack. You’ll be reading a definition straight from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Anyone can blurt out an answer at any time during the reading. In the case of a tie, read another card or flip the card over to break the tie.

Players can also challenge each other, too. When one person lands on a space with their own game piece color, they can challenge the person at the head of the line. If this player wins, the head person trades places – and never for the better!

The player who reaches the finish line first wins.

Do you have other ideas for family games to add to our list? Be sure to leave your suggestions in the comments section below.