Facebook Country Life Walkthrough: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started and Excel in this Facebook Game

Facebook Country Life Walkthrough: Everything You Need to Know to Get Started and Excel in this Facebook Game
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Facebook Country Life allows players to run their own virtual farm. Some players play this game for several hours at a time to get their farm started, developed, and thriving. The game will start with large area of grass in which players will have to plow, sow, and harvest. Players can also place animals and gear, or plant trees.

How to Join in on Country Life

To join and beginning playing this Facebook game head to the Country Life application page to get started. Players can also join this game by clicking on any of the invitations posted on a friend’s newsfeed.

Ranch Cash and Coins

Coins are needed to buy seeds. Coins are earned through various activities. Various activities can also earn experience points. These will both help players move onto the next level, unlocking additional activities. More coins can be earned by doing some work on neighbor’s farms. In the daily lottery and at each level some more coins are earned.

Ranch cash is far more rare than coins. It is essential or optional for certain purchases. It is sparingly gained as a reward when you advance to a new level.


Facebook Country Life starts off all players with a productive ranch. This includes:

  • Two crops, clover and wheat, and several fields, that are ready to harvest, of each.
  • Players will get a single Holstein cow that will produce some milk very soon after it is given a batch of clover to eat. The cow will take a minute to eat the batch of clover and then produce a can of milk. At one time you can place three batches into the cow’s manger and this will give you three minutes to go out onto the farm and sell, harvest, or plant, or to check your email.

For five coins per batch the clover can be sold, but if it is fed to the cow, it earns an additional five coins. The milk that results can be eventually processed into cheese and cheese sells for 32 coins.

Wheat can also be sold, but further into the game a baker machine can be purchased and this will add more value to the wheat.


Neighbors are your friends on Facebook that agree to be neighbors with you. Making daily visits to your neighbors can earn you additional experience points and coins. Neighbors can also send you gifts when you ask them and these gifts can be used to build up your farm.

To add new neighbors, click on the My Neighbors tab on the top of the screen. You will then see all of your friends involved with playing Country Life and you can click on the Add button to add anyone you would like. They will get a request and can choose to accept it. If you need to remove any of your neighbors, simply go back to your My Neighbors page and click on Remove.


Facebook Country Life PBBG

Grass need to be used to plow new fields and build up the farm, but it is important to save as well, just like in real life. It is important to keep some grass empty to do things like add trees and other things that require space. If you do not want something to grow on the grass, it is important to plow it every day to prevent this. Using the “Sell Tool” will restore fields back to grass.

Farms can be made bigger by spending some ranch cash or coins. Two more field width patches of grass with will added to the bottom edges with an enlargement.

This Facebook Country Life walkthrough provides all of the information you need to get started playing the game. As you go along you are sure to pick up other techniques along the way to help your farm flourish.