Facebook Games: Green Farm Review -Free computer farming games

Facebook Games: Green Farm Review -Free computer farming games
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Green Farm Basics (4 out of 5)

The farming genre on Facebook has grown a bit tiresome but is still popular with titles such as Farmville which still leads the pack. Green Farm is another free computer farming game in the long list of titles you will find on Facebook. The game doesn’t attempt to do anything new but one thing it has going for it is the game looks fantastic. The graphics of Green farm are nice and bright and you’ll find several animations as you play. Animals jump around and your Avatar has facial expressions while working. The whole purpose of the game is to grow and harvest crops for money . The game also has the typical things to add to your farm such as barns, trees, animals and other farm equipment such as tractors.

An Environmentally Friendly Farm (4 out of 5)

One thing Green Farm does try to do is to add a bit of the environment into the game. You’ll find some organic crops that you can plant. These crops take longer to grow but they can produce extra seeds for you to plant. Other environment items include a solar panel, compost box, and electric windmill.

Avatar Customization (5 out of 5)

Green Farm

Another neat part of Green Farm is the ability to buy different clothes for your avatar. You can unlock new clothes as you level up and have your own wardrobe to select from. You’ll find shoes, pants, shirts, glasses, gloves, hats and other items. There’s not a whole lot to choose from yet but that should change. You can even buy hangers and store more clothes for your avatar.

Decorations (4 out of 5)

The game features many of the standard decorations such as fences, shrubs, country flags, wood piles, axes and so on so there’s some good customization for your farm too. You can but different paths, streams and even a bridge for a warm country look. There’s also a collection of gnomes, scarecrows, and birdhouses. Another item you can add to your farm is the juice press to turn the fruit of your trees into juice. Various stables for animals, a barn and cottage can be purchased too.

Crops (4 out of 5)

There’s already a nice selection of farm crops in the game and you can sort them by various categories such as fruit, vegetable, grain, , flower, or organic. There’s even super size items such as watermelons, and pumpkins, and larger carrots, which will produce a higher crop yield.

Conclusion (4 out of 5)

Green Farm is a very nice looking farming game. It seems to load quickly and have quite a few options for your farm. The ability to completely customize your avatar is a nice touch along with the environmentally friendly items in the game. Green Farm even has a lottery you can play each day for prizes for your farm. You won’t find anything groundbreaking here but you’ll get a game that looks great with some good content in this free computer farming game. The game uses the standard coins and cash most other Facebook games for game play.