Sally's Studio Game Tips and Hints

Sally's Studio Game Tips and Hints
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About Sally’s Studio

Sally decides to go into the fitness business after her favorite gym closes. She sets up studios in many exotic locations worldwide. This time management game has 60 levels to play with multiple upgrades, a large selection of customer types and opportunity to earn expert ratings and trophies.

Game Play

Sally’s Studio

To complete each level, you will need to reach the target point/money total by the time the day is over. As customers arrive, you will need to match the color of their thought bubble with the fitness station that has the same color. Move customers by pointing and dragging them to the appropriate station. Click on the station to cause Sally to help the customer.

Certain stations like the yoga mats and weights require specific actions within a small mini-game. For the yoga mat, you will need to select the appropriate yoga pose to match the one that the customer requests. When done fast and correctly, bonus points are earned. For weights, you will need to select the appropriate weight from a displayed list that matches the one that the customer wants.

When the customer is finished working out, they will go over to the cash register station. Click on it to cause Sally to move over and collect the money from the customer.

The level continues until the end of the day is reached. If you have succeeded in completing the goals, the next level becomes available. Otherwise the same level will need to be repeated.

In between levels in Sally’s Studio you can shop for upgrades and other items to help run the studio more efficiently. There are items to help improve customer mood like magazines, juice and music CDs. Upgrades for existing stations make them run more efficiently and will cause customers to take less time when they are used.

Game Hints and Tips

  • The “very patient” customers are the Cashier, Tag Team Wrestler and Ballroom Dancers. Alternatively, the “very impatient” customers are the Rio Girl, Secret Agent, Footballer, Runaway Model, Opera Singer, Martial Artist, Yogi and Pop Star.
  • You can click up to nine tasks for Sally to complete. Assistants can also be hired (through the shop) to help with customers.
  • Only one CD can be played per game level.
  • Get an expert score on Delhi level three by making sure you help 18 customers. This is a higher number than other levels. You will need to earn $6,420 and make sure all customers are 100% happy so they will give the maximum tip. Try to serve the most impatient customers first. Use juice, CDs, magazines to boost customer mood.
  • The Romantic Song CD adds a single mood heart to every customer in the studio when played. The Loyalty Song CD prevents customers from leaving, but it will not boost their mood.
  • Earn the trophy in Hawaii by keeping the Footballer, Pop Star and Runaway model in the waiting room while boosting their mood with drinks and magazines. If more than 2 of any of these types of customer’s show up, help them but keep at least 3 in the waiting area. Serve all other types of customers first and then take care of the rest all at once towards the end of the level. You want to have multiple customers of the above types to arrive at the cashier about the same time so you can chain this action and collect bonuses.
  • The moderately “patient” customers are the Teacher, Olympian and Tourist. Alternatively, the moderately “impatient” customers are the Retiree, Nurse, Bodybuilder and Police Officer.