A review of Zuma Blitz, Pop Cap's newest facebook game

A review of Zuma Blitz, Pop Cap's newest facebook game
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Pop Cap Games and Facebook

Casual games are big business, companies like Pop Cap and Zynga have proved it, but where Zynga makes mostly social rpg games like Warstorm and Mafia Wars, Pop Cap has made their business by making some of the best puzzle games available. Pop Cap have a list of great titles including Bejeweled, Peggle and Plants Vs. Zombies. To help reach a larger audience Pop Cap developed a version of one of the best selling franchised for Facebook. Bejeweled Blitz took Facebook by storm and has proved it has staying power. Bejeweled Blitz is still played regularly by a massive amount of Facebook users.

Zuma Blitz (5 out of 5)

With Bejeweled Blitz still going strong Pop Cap started looking at making a new blitz game and have now proudly introduced Zuma Blitz to the

Facebook world. The Zuma franchise has been around for a while with the original Zuma game winning a number of awards back in 2004 including Real Arcade’s game of the year award. Like it’s predecessors, Zuma Blitz is a fast paced color match game but the Blitz version only give players a minute to earn as many points as they can unless they can earn extra time throughout the game. Players can check their stats from week to week, compete against their friends, post their scores for their friends to see and more.

Zuma Blitz Gameplay (5 out of 5)

Zuma Blitz Frog

Like most Pop Cap games, the premise of Zuma Blitz is pretty simple but at the same time the gameplay is intense and addictive. In Zuma Blitz the player is a frog stuck in the middle of a the game board surrounded by two tracks. Different colored balls slowly move down the tracks in a line. The game is lost by either running out of time or by allowing one of the line of balls to reach the face at the end of the track. Players can shorten the line or make the line stop moving all together by shooting balls out of their frog’s mouth. The balls range in colour from primaries to green and purple. To remove balls from the track the player must match up colors. This means that if the ball in the frog’s mouth is green then the player will want to shoot a group of green balls to make that group disappear. If the player misses their intended target then the ball slips into the line, making the line longer. The faster the player makes balls disappear the more point they will receive.

Mojo, Powers, and Bonuses (5 out of 5)

There are lots of ways to earn extra points in Zuma Blitz. There are two balls that will help players right off the bat, one ball has an hour glass

Zuma Blitz Powers

on it and will grant players some extra time, the other is a point multiplier indicated by an x and a number indicating how many times your points are being multiplied. Players earn Mojo with each game played. Mojo is a type of in-game currency which players use to buy different types of bonuses. As a player gains levels in Zuma Blitz, they will open up new bonuses that they can buy with Mojo. These bonuses can help players in big ways. Some of the bonuses will make the extra time balls give even more extra time, or make a ball explode when it disappears, taking a bunch of other balls with it, or allow the frog to shoot three big cannon balls, taking out everything in their path.

With great gameplay and all kinds of extra features, Facebook gamers are quickly getting hooked on Zuma Blitz. Pop Cap easily has another hit on their hands.