Aurora Feint II: The Beginning Review - One of the Better Strategy and Puzzle iPhone Games

Aurora Feint II: The Beginning Review - One of the Better Strategy and Puzzle iPhone Games
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Classifying Aurora Feint II: The Beginning

Aurora Feint II: The Beginning is hybrid of strategy and puzzle type of games. When we say puzzle, we mean Bejeweled kind of puzzle game. While the strategy part pertains to game leveling, training, unlocking weapons and skills and all the good RPG stuff.

Whatever the case, this game can very well be categorized as one of the best iPhone games that you can download now at the iTunes Apps Store for $2.99.

Gameplay Review

Aurora Feint II: The Beginning consists of two parts, the puzzle game and the RPG strategy part. The puzzle aspect of this iPhone game is similar to Bejeweled, another popular puzzle game for iPhone. The objective of the puzzle game is to arrange three blocks in a row and keep the blocks from filling up your iPhone’s screen. You can arrange blocks either horizontally or vertically by using the iPhone’s accelerometer and touchscreen feature to move blocks horizontally to where you want to position them. Once you’ve cleared up a substantial part of the iPhone screen, you can pull up another layer or layers of blocks to continue the game.

aurorafeint screenshot5

Every group of blocks that you clear earn you corresponding game points and add to your game achievements. You can play this puzzle for as long as you want and the game will not stop unless you decide to. Once you collected enough crystals and you have filled the progress bar, the game will prompt you with new challenges that you can take to learn new skills and earn weapons. This will require you to purchase blueprints from the store and then bring it to the Smith to learn the skill or earn the weapons after you have fulfilled a certain challenge. These challenges are similar to the puzzle game with some conditions. You can use the skills and weapons that you learn or earn from the Smith in the regular puzzle game for a more exciting way of arranging blocks. This varies from slowing down the movement of blocks, to having special moves in arranging the blocks to clear them out. This is the RPG-strategy part that we were talking about.

This game for your iPhone offers tons of extras to unlock, skills to learn and weapons to earn. True to the tradition of RPG-strategy games, your game achievements in Aurora Feint II: The Beginning would make you to play this best iPhone game repeatedly. In addition, the game also lets you communicate with other players online through Wi-Fi or 3G similar to the shout-outs in a regular message boards or community forum. You can also compete in online duels but for a specific fee. So, if you’re not so much into online game, you might as well skip this feature. Other features of Aurora Feint II: The Beginning include the Academy, Records Hall, and the Summoning Circle where you can compete in multiplayer battles.

Game Graphics and Sound

Another good feature of this great game for your iPhone is the well-rendered graphics. The game map is well crafted and features your typical RPG game World Map. The blocks were carefully designed as well. The animation fully utilizes the iPhone’s graphics engine and the overall colorful appeal of the game would please you and make you play the game repeatedly. On the sound department, unfortunately the game doesn’t offer too much variety, as most of the tracks just keeps on playing repetitively.

Final Verdict

With the many iPhone games that we’ve reviewed so far, Aurora Feint II: The Beginning is a great game for your iPhone. It’s certainly is one of the best RPG games for the iPhone that have arrived at the iTunes Apps Store since it was launched. RPG-Gamers and Puzzle game addicts would surely want to have this best iPhone game sitting on their iPhone’s homescreen for a very long time. If you want to take a sneak peak at what this iPhone game has to offer, you may opt to download the free version first. But, we’re telling you that spending $2.99 is definitely worth the fun and enjoyment that you’d get from playing this best iPhone game.

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Photo Credit: Screenshot of Aurora Feint II: The Beginning Game by Daniele Cassley and Jason Citron