The Best Puzzle Games for iPhone

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Puzzle games are well suited to the iPhone for a few simple reasons:

1. They don’t need to have high quality graphics to be entertaining

2. They rarely require a big screen to show you the whole picture

3. They are great for casual gamers and even non-gamers who have a few spare moments. Simple to learn, addictive and hard to master

The only catch is that while there are a lot of great games for the iPhone there owe also a lot of really ill designed and outright bad games too. Since no one wants to waste their time on those games we have compiled a list of the 10 best puzzle games for your iPhone.

The Games


Boggle on your iPhone, great to play if you love word games, or visually based titles.


A version of Bejewled with cute animals to match.


A rotation game where you match the objects to the shadows, much more challenging then you think it will be.

Meta Squares

Use your dots to make the highest number of boxes possible and defeat your enemy.


Guide your lazer through the points in order to score.

Dizzy Bee

Shift the whole of the iPhone to move a Bee, advoid the obstacles and gain the most food.

Puzzleloop Endless

If you have ever played Luxor then you will be very familiar with this game. Just be aware that it really is endless.

Amazing Sudoku

This one is relatively obvious. Its a great game of Sudoku.


A puzzle cube where you spin to make words instead of matching colors to one side.

Ghost Pop

A screen full of ghosts shows up, your goal is to tap as many of them as you can.

Free Hangman

A great game that most of us will remember from our childhoods has turned digital.

Now, that you have some options go ahead and start downloading. Just be aware that if you want to be able to get any work done after you download them you may want to put them on the second screen. Otherwise that quick check of your email could take a lot longer than you think.