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Nintendo DS Puzzle Quest: Galactrix Review

by: Nighthand ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Puzzle Quest: Galactrix transforms puzzles into intense one-on-one battles that entertain and engage the mind and senses. Customizing your ship with increasingly powerful gadgets is an addictive, fun, and totally satisfying experience. Galactrix is the fun space-faring Nintendo DS adventure.

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    Game concept

    Infinite Interactive and D3Publisher have created a game concept that intermixes the simple puzzle idea that has provided gamers with generations of entertainment and fleshed it out with RPG elements, like story and character leveling, and game play facets that provide additional depth to the game play.

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    Story line

    In Puzzle Quest: Galactrix you play the captain of an intergalactic spaceship tasked with the job of stopping an aggressive and hard to control army of human clones from totally destroying all other life in the galaxy. You and your opponents will take turns swapping adjacent gems on a single board, and for every gem you match you will gain corresponding energy. Blue gems replenish your shields, while red gems power your weapons, for example, you can equip your ship with lasers that directly damage your enemies' ships, shield boosters or even disruptors to jam the enemies' shields. The variety and design is fun, enjoyable and entertaining to use during play, and makes customizing your own ship with new, interesting, and more powerful items a fun aspect.

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    Game graphics

    The graphical and audible components of the total presentation have been handled pretty well, your starship has been painstakingly created to keep your senses engaged in the on screen action, the visual components of the effects include nice weapon and gadget effects that have the wow-factor, and the various screens have a bright individual look that is easy to read and use.

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    Sounds in the game

    The weapons and gadgets all have interesting sounds that keep the mind entertained during game play; they're all easily recognizable after awhile just by their sounds, which keeps your mind and senses involved in the action.

    The sound track is a mix of upbeat tunes with energy that help to keep your energy up during any slower moments, of which there aren't many, and rock and roll with the action on the screen.

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    Puzzle Quest: Galactrix takes the simple concept of the puzzle that has been used for generation to provide entertainment and makes it much more satisfying to complete and level up as you progress through the levels. The nice, extremely intense, yet fun one-on-one battles have a nice variety to the game play that keeps it fresh each time you come back for a little more.

    There are lots of non-battle puzzles as well to add a little more spice and variety to the game play, you can access new star systems, mine asteroids for the resources you need, or just stick to taking out an evenly-matched enemy that challenges you.

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    The final mark

    Puzzle Quest: Galactrix takes you out into the universe for a little RPG puzzle adventure that keeps the energy and entertainment level high and makes battling equal opponents fun and engaging. It has interest puzzle variations that has a nice ratio of battles to puzzles and shows signs of refinement in development that make for an exciting action/puzzle title.