Aurora Feint for iPhone Review: A Fun Half RPG & Half Puzzle Game for the iPhone

Aurora Feint for iPhone Review: A Fun Half RPG & Half Puzzle Game for the iPhone
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The Review

As a disclaimer, I must admit that I am completely addicted to Aurora Feint (iTunes). It kept me sane during a long interstate drive and I now play it all the time. Even so, it’s a really decent game and it’s free to boot!

The game begins like an RPG with a nice introductory video and the decision to choose a class. I went with the large-animal-thing in the screenshot below. From there, follow the tool-tips until you get to “The Mine.” Mining is the primary activity in this game. This disappointed me at first because I kind of expected the game to be a turn-based or live action fighting game. Even so, after playing the mining game for a few levels, I began to see what was so neat about Aurora Feint.

First of all, the mining (pictured below) is basically a block movement game where you try to get three or more blocks to line up and dissolve. This is all well and good until you discover that rotating the iPhone in any direction makes the blocks fall toward new gravity and changes the orientation of your movements. The new gravity-changing feature is a huge boost for The Mine and makes it much more enjoyable. Also, if you find you are defeating the blocks faster than they are rising, a two-finger drag will create as many rows of blocks as you want.

After you finish a level of The Mine, you will have the opportunity to go to The Store and buy either blueprints or magicbooks. To make a long story short, these are the things that allow you to access new challenges in “The Forge” and “The Tower,” respectively. The Forge is a level much like The Mine, but you must collect certain blocks within a short amount of time. The Tower is a skill game that requires precise movements. Finishing levels in either of these places will give you new abilities that will enhance your gameplay. Those new abilities, though, are still being fleshed out by the developers, so test them out yourself and see how they work for yourself.

Overall, it is a fun game that will hopefully become much more stable and organized as more things are added to it in developer updates. Have fun!


Character Screen

Sideways Mining Game


Overall Rating (3 out of 5)

Aurora Feint is fun, versatile, and will take over your life if you let it. The documentation and general gameplay is a little awkward and buggy at times, but this may be a symptom of a game just out of Beta an not an inherent flaw. Give it a try yourself and let us know what you think.


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