Luxor Puzzle Game: An overview of Luxor PC Puzzle Game.

Luxor Puzzle Game: An overview of Luxor PC Puzzle Game.
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2003 Release

In 2003 a game called Zuma stormed the world with an addictive puzzle where the gamer eliminates balls by matching up three or more spheres of the same color by shooting balls from a frog’s mouth. Riding upon the success of this type of game, the makers of MumbleJumble released their own version of eliminating magical spheres of the same color with their own version, Luxor.

Unlike any other game of its kind before, Luxor takes the matching of magical spheres to a new level. Traveling through the mythical lands of Egypt - 88 levels worth - you will shoot balls from a scarab at the bottom of the screen eliminating colors of balls to destroy other balls of the same color, as a tiny scarab beetle relentlessly pushes the magical spheres towards the pyramid. Should you not match up all the colors and stop the scarab beetle, you will lose and have to start all over again.

But that’s not all this game does - get multiple match ups and the Egyptian gods will reward you with powerups that can destroy entire chains of balls regardless of their color. These powerups includes lightning to destroy any balls within its path or fireballs that destroy any balls within its radius. Meanwhile, a slow down or stop powerup that forces the balls to slowdown or stop gives you the opportunity to destroy many balls before the beetles start their march again towards the pyramid and many other powerups of the like.

2006 and 2007 Release

The makers of Luxor realized the potentials of the game and decided to release new versions of the game - Luxor 2 in 2006 and Luxor 3 in 2007. Luxor 2 is practically the same as the original Luxor only it offers the player new worlds to play in and better graphics. However Luxor 3 pushes Luxor to new challenges that are both fun and mind boggling.

The graphics are amazing and the variations of ways to matchup three balls of the same color are addictively fun. Like its predecessors, you will eliminate balls that a tiny scarab beetle pushes towards the pyramid on your march to save Egypt. But the evil gods have different plans this time to foil you. Solve puzzles by eliminating all the magical spheres on a screen with a limited number of balls. Clear a path of magical spheres floating down the river to destroy the magical spheres on the other side of the Nile. Enter a temple of magical proportions as the beetle pushes the magical spheres, only this time pillars will suddenly appear to shorten the path - which you must destroy as well.

Luxor 3

Luxor 3 also has magical powerups like its predecessors but this time you can upgrade their power by collecting coins. Make the lightning bolt larger, make the stop time longer; even create a barrier to the entrance of the pyramid to help you in the quest to destroy the magical spheres.

Luxor 3 has taken matching three balls of the same color to a whole new addictive level. It is refreshing to see that the makers of the Luxor series has taken a simple game and successfully given it a new, fresh look with fun new ways to match three of a kind. Perhaps, they can find a way to continue this series in new and interesting ways.

Luxor 4 - 2008

luxor 4

Luxor 4 was released in 2008 and offers several new things. It has a new battle mode that pits the players against the thieves. If the player can make the matches faster than the thief they are rewarded with a scarab pusher that is added to the player’s side of train marbles. This can result in the thief’s treasures being pushed into the player’s possession. This release also offers 100 levels when playing in the adventure mode and also 20 new levels in puzzle mode.

There are also 12 new achievement badges for various milestones that can be reached within the game. New artifacts can be collected and then assembled to also enhance the game.