Free Hidden Object PC Games Download : While You are On the Go

Free Hidden Object PC Games Download : While You are On the Go
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A Plethora of Free Hidden Object PC Games for Download

Sprill The Mystery of The Bermuda Triangle

What happens when Sprill wakes up from his nap, after sailing out to open sea? Well he is suddenly woken, and sees that he is on the ocean floor, along with alien beings. Sprill now has the ability to breathe underwater, and you must help him recover the Pearl of Poseidon, which was lost so many years ago. We now know that the aliens from planet Akvatar, need this Pearl of Poseidon for their ultimate survival. Will you help them? They need to be saved from the extraterrestrials before it’s too late ! Download and Play Now

Amazing Adventures Around the World

Do you love the idea of traveling around the world? Well you can definitely indulge in that luxury with this Hidden Objects Game. Each level of the game, will having you traveling to a different exotic location looking for 10 objects. In the middle of the levels, you must solve various puzzles, which include everything from “spotting the difference” to swapping tiles in order to create an image. Download and Play Now

Big City Adventure: Vancouver

Have you ever been to beautiful Vancouver? Well with this hidden objects game, you will now give you the opportunity. Big City Adventure: Vancouver, will highlight all of the hot spots of this beautiful city, while you are sent on a quest to find hidden objects within


it. It’s great fun to learn a lot about the Vancouver or West coast canadian environment, while you are looking for unknown objects all over the city. Hey who knows you may think about relocating there, once the game is done! Download and Play Now

Big City Adventure - San Francisco

Have you thought about visiting San Francisco? Well with the Big City Adventure series, continuing with Big City Adventure: San Francisco, you can now make this happen ! There are some great sites in San Francisco to see, from the Golden Gate Bridge to Alchtraz Island and so much more. Maybe you are interested in the Bay area. Why not seek out cleverly hidden objects in each location? In the midst of all this excitement, you can explode tiles, play memory games and puzzles. Download and Play Now

Even More Free Hidden Object PC Games to Download

sweeney todd lrg

Penny Dreadfuls: Sweeney Todd - Premium Edition

This game is a romance adventure, where you are the detective for Mark, who heads out to sea to find a treasure for his sweetheart, Johanna. But the mystery begins, when he suddenly disappears once he returned to London. It’s time for you to put together the clues to find him. Could this have anything to do with the murderous barber, where he last got his haircut? Who knows? Download and Play

Blood Ties


Are you ready to solve the mystery as detective Vicki Nelson, in an adapted hidden objects game from the tv show, Blood Ties. You will be pretty busy, while trying to figure out how 14 members of the Hellfire Club disappeared. All of the members hold a stone tablet which is used to imprison Astaroth, the demon ! Download and Play

The Clumsys

If you have ever wanted to experience time travel, you must partake in The Clumsys adventure. It all started when Old man Albert’s


grandson and his friends curiosity of his latest invention, accidentally takes them to a different time, which leaves you to find out where they are. It’s important you make sure those kids, don’t touch anything in those time periods or everything will be changed forever! Download and Play

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