Test Your Hidden Object Games Skills Against the Curse of the Pharoh: Tears of Sekhmet From Big Fish Games

Test Your Hidden Object Games Skills Against the Curse of the Pharoh: Tears of Sekhmet From Big Fish Games
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Big Fish Games

Every casual gamer out there is familiar with Big Fish Games and knows the quality of small games that they deliver. The Curse of the Pharoh: Tears of Sekhment is no different. Let’s take a peek into what makes this a fun game for anyone in your family and why you’ll want to enjoy this one over and over again.

The Story Behind the Curse (4 out of 5)

In the story line of the Curse of the Pharoh: Tears of Sekhmet, you have a rich story line to build off of. You are trying to solve a major mystery along with the Professor, trying to find out why the curse of the Pharoh still sits upon the people. In the previous Curse of the Pharoh game, you found your step-brother Will and he starts off with you in this game as well. Unfortunately, Will is after the power of the curse, but the professor want the power destroyed - you will have to make the ultimate decision.

Will buries you and the professor in the tomb since you won’t give him the power. After you escape from the tomb (after solving several hidden object games puzzles and finding all of the pieces of the mask), the professor tells you that some of the Tears of Sekhmet have been discovered and that is what is causing the curse on the people. You have to find all of the pieces to this puzzle, and before your stepbrother, so that you can destroy the power and the curse. It is now up to you to find the remaining pieces of the Tears, solve the mystery, and save the people - before Will gets the power for himself.

Gameplay (4 out of 5)

curse ss3

This is one of those great puzzle games that you’ll end up playing for a long time and then never realize that you have playing that long. The gameplay is great, especially since there are normally 2-5 different puzzles that you can choose from at any time. This way, if you get stuck on one, you can move on for a bit and then come back to it so that you don’t miss something. In between the hidden object games, you’ll have puzzle games that will have you put something back together, spot the differences, or get things in a certain order.

No matter how old you are, the hidden object games and puzzle games in Curse of the Pharoh: Tears of Sekhmet are challenging enough to be fun - but not so hard that younger gamers can’t solve them. The good thing about this one is that in each level, you will have the chance to gather up three different coins, which you can then use in the shop to buy things like extra hints, special cursors, and more to help you on your journey. These items are all bonuses for you, as the coins are easy to find and you will only get 3 hints to start with. Although, if you act fact enough, there is a little Wiki that will pop out from the sides of your screen to offer you a free hint every now and then - so pay close attention.

Graphics (4 out of 5)

curse ss8

The graphics in Curse of the Pharoh: Tears of Sekhmet are really well done - although you can tell where some of the objects are that were not drawn into the main photo. So, those can offer you a bit of help if you can figure out which ones don’t belong in the background of the drawing. You can easily tell from the screenshots here in this review that the graphics aren’t so hard that you can’t find anything, but they aren’t cartoonish either. While the people in the cut scenes are a bit cartoonish, it doesn’t take away from the game overall, and actually flows together quite well.


Sounds and Audio (2 out of 5)

Once again, I’m a bit disappointed in the sounds and audio in Curse of the Pharoh: Tears of Sekhmet. There could have been a lot more to this area of the game, the music is not that great, and just repeats over and over again. While it does have a middle-eastern feel to it, it’s not great. Also, you will find that the audio work in this hidden object game isn’t what it should be either. It just lacks all over here… so if you have a new CD, plug it in.

Overall (4 out of 5)

I would still recommend this great hidden object game to anyone out there that loves Big Fish Games titles. The puzzles are great and you won’t have a bad time playing, even if you only download the free Big Fish Games demo of this one. The puzzles do change up, so it’s a great way to find some other objects that you knew didn’t belong there in the first place.