Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity Unlockables and Cheat Codes for the Nintendo Wii and Playstation 2


Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity is a hover board racing game that is the fifth racing title in the Sonic series. It is from Sega and the Sonic Team. It is for up to four players and has an ESRB rating of E for everyone. There are sixteen courses with eight worlds having two tracks each and a total of 18 characters. The game has had mixed reviews, with Game Rankings giving it an average rating of 59% for the Wii version. However, fans of the Sonic series and of the racing platforms especially will want to at least rent it to see if it is for them or not. Gameplay for this is compatible with a GameCube controller but not the Classic Controller, a fact that has been the bane for this game.

For the players playing this on the Wii they have the following available unlockables in the game that can open up their gameplay a bit. Remember that to get the unlockable you have a requirement to fulfill.

The Ending & Insert Cinema – Get this by beating the Babylon Story.

The Opening Cinema – Get this for the starting of the Heroes Story.

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity Cheats and Unlockables

80’s Boulevard and 90’s Boulevard – Get this for beating the Babylon Story.

Billy Hatcher and Amigo – Get these for clearing all of the missions in story mode.

Chaos Emerald Gear – On all missions in Story mode, get the Extreme rank.

Shadow the Hedgehog and World Grand Prix Mode – Beat the Team Sonic’s story.

SCR-HD – Beat the SCR-HD during a free race to unlock it for yourself.

SCR-GP and Silver – You will have to beat the Babylon Story.

Angel & Devil Gear – You need to complete the Heroes Story.

MAG Gear and NiGHTS – You will have to clear all the story mode missions for this.

Rouge the Bat and Cream the Rabbit – You must beat Team Sonic’s Story.

Eggman and Blaze – You will have to beat the Babylon Story.

Mission Mode – Beat the Story mode for this unlockable.