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Candystand is a comprehensive and free website for those looking for online games. There are a variety of Candystand games in topic areas such as sports, cards, word, puzzle, arcade, and multiplayer. Most games run through Flash plug-ins, and registration is not required to play. However, only those who register can access features such as sharing their high score with the gaming community. There are also many more free games only available to those who sign up for an account.

Klondike Solitaire (5 out of 5)

Klondike Solitaire is one of the best Candystand games. It has an easy-to-use interface and extensive help for those who do not know how to play card or computerized Solitaire games. Unlike many other competing games, Klondike Solitaire helps the user by automatically putting Aces and related cards into the appropriate segment of the playing area.

There is no theme music, but slight beeps when cards are moved. The screen size is comparable to other Solitaire games and there are no apparent bugs in this game.

Overall, playing Klondike Solitaire using the Flash plug-in is a fun experience during a visit to

Mystery Jigsaw (5 out of 5)

Mystery Jigsaw is one of the best Candystand games.

Mystery Jigsaw presents itself as a puzzle game at, but is really much more than that. The graphics and animation are especially nice in this mystery-solving caper, and there is a variety of sound effects and theme music. It is clear a lot of programming time and thought went into creating Mystery Jigsaw.

The mission of such Candystand games is to solve mysteries using “Clue” type folders, and then fit the puzzle pieces together to solve a crime scene. There are two levels of game play, creating a variety of challenges for those who become addicted to this experience.

The instructions come up as the game is played, and there are help functions for those who get truly stuck. Overall, Mystery Jigsaw combines the best elements of mystery solving board games like “Clue” and traditional jigsaw puzzles.

Mystery Jigsaw is recommended for recent computer systems with high-speed Internet connections, as the graphics and sound could create a lag in older technologies.

BridgeCraft (5 out of 5)

BridgeCraft is offered at

BridgeCraft is another great choice from for gamers. It is a puzzle game with the objective of building bridges to save your friends. It appears to be almost a child’s game at first glance, but playing it further puts one in touch with elements of adventure games and basic survival. Not to mention, the theme music and graphics are pretty upbeat considering the seriousness of “winning” the game.

There are a number of levels and other options that can keep this one of the most popular Candystand games for many hours. The screen size of this Flash-based program is ample enough for most any gamer.