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Pirates Tips: Adding to Your Pirates Crew

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some tips for adding people to your Crew and using Crew Codes in Pirates for the iPhone.

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    Pirates Tips

    Pirates works the same way as almost all MMO text-based iPhone RPGs in that it combines a virtual role playing experience that is combined with a social competition. As much as you are pitted against other Pirates player you are required to connect with them for strength throughout. You must add other Pirates players to your Crew so that you are able to compete better in battle and do higher level missions. Here are some tips for how to add Crew members to your Pirates account.

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    Crew Codes

    There are two essential ways to add to your Pirates Crew, and using the Crew Code is the easiest and most useful. Each Pirates player has a Crew Code that they use to identify themselves. When someone else gets their Pirates Crew Code they can use it to invite the other player to their Pirates Crew. When you are at the main Pirates page go down and find My Crew, which is under the Pirate Bar and above My Profile. Here you will see a blue bar with your Pirates Crew Code in it. Below that will be a text bar where you can enter other people’s Pirates Crew Codes so you can send them an invitation. People often post their Pirates Crew Codes online on web boards and social networking sites so many different Pirates players will be able to add them. Be free and open with your Pirates Crew Code so spread it around indiscriminately. My Pirates Crew Code is 11122.

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    Other than Pirates Crew Codes there is the ability to invite using email. Just below the Pirates Crew Code text box is one to send an email invitation to the other person. For this to work you have to have their email address, make sure that they have an iPhone, and also actually play or will be willing to play Pirates.

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    My Crew

    At the bottom of the My Crew page you will see a button that says Invite, which will be selected when using email addresses or Pirates Crew Codes, and one that says My Crew. If you select the My Crew button you will see all the Pirates players that are in your Crew and all those that have invites pending.