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iPirates Tips: Hitlist

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some detailed tips to all aspects of PlayMesh's iPirates Hitlist system.

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    Pirate Bounty Hunter

    iPirates, as one of the leaders of the pirate themed MMO text-based iPhone RPGs attempts to remain a constantly evolving an all inclusive title, which keeps it in line with the ever changing nature of the PlayMesh machine. With this, it tries to both add to its gameplay as well as include features that people have come to expect from PlayMesh games and the iPhone genre as a whole.

    The competitive edge in iPirates is one of the features that maintains playership over all and this is taken up a notch with the inclusion of the hit list, which is where people can place bounties on players to entice others to fight them. When you attack and kill the iPirates player found on the hit list you then collect the financial bounty of gold that was placed on them. Here are some iPirates tips for using the hit list.

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    iPirates Hitlist

    When you are at the main vertical iPirates portrait view go ahead and find Navy, which is under Black Beard and above the Treasure Chest. This is where you can look at both the hit list and the Leaderboard.

    To look at the iPirates hit list, just select Hitlist at the bottom instead of the opposing Leaderboard button. You are going to see all of the iPirates players that have been selected for the hit list. When you select one of them from this list, you have the option to look at their iPirates Details or simply to Fight them.

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    Setting iPirates Bounties

    There are a few different places to go if you want to place bounties on other iPirates players. The reason for this is you essentially just have to look at their account Details. You can find people to do this in the Fights, Leaderboard and PlayMesh sections of the iPirates interface.

    Select to look at their iPirates Details and then find their Bounty cost, which will be right under their iPirates Rank and above their number of Quests Done. At the bottom of their Details, you will see a few button options, with Hitlist for their listed amount of money being on the far right. Just press this button and then you will be prompted to make sure that you want to place the iPirates Bounty.

    The best tip that can go along with this is to go and find iPirates players to place the Bounty on in the Fights section so that they are relative to your position.

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    iPirates Tips

    The best iPirates tip you can follow for fighting someone on the hit list is really the same as is true for all iPirates fights. Make sure to check their Details first so you can see the exact position that their iPirates account is in. The main features you are looking for is to see exactly how large their crew is as purchased from Black Beard and what weapons they have. If they have a significant mount of iPirates crew members less then you and an even smaller number of total weapons than that they will easily be beaten. You want to avoid losing in all iPirates fights, so all of these tips are even truer for hit list battles because you have a smaller chance of winning.

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