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PlayMesh Points are a consistent feature of the PlayMesh game developer. Though PlayMesh Points may be a silly and empty purchase, they are the way that PlayMesh makes money and keeps their titles free. PlayMesh Points serve a method for wealthier players to forgo the normal patterns of gameplay and cheat their way to the top.

Free PlayMesh Points

The great thing about iPirates is that you may have some PlayMesh Points and not even know it. Often times PlayMesh releases PlayMesh Points for free as promotional offers and ways of provoking users into updating their games. Along with that, you are going to receive some PlayMesh Points in your iPirates account right from the beginning. These free PlayMesh Points should be saved and used once the right moment hits.

Black Beard

The first thing you have to do is look at how many PlayMesh Points you have in your iPirates account and look at the options. When you are looking at the main iPirates map find Black Beard, which is located in the middle of the large continent in the far right hand panel. You should be able to locate it easily in the third panel as it is highlighted in a bright yellow and directly above properties, which is on the corner of the southern peninsula. When you are in here go ahead and select Black Beard Offers at the bottom to make sure you are in the area where you spend PlayMesh Points. At the very top it will list how many PlayMesh Points you have, and below will be the available options.

Crew Members

When you are about to spend your PlayMesh Points you have to think of a hierarchy of use. Crew members are uniquely added in iPirates, as well as all PlayMesh games, as instead of acquiring them by befriending other player you simply purchase them from within the game. Not only are crew members important during iPirates fights and missions, but a single crew member can only control up to three properties. Each crew member you purchase becomes more expensive, which becomes the main expense you encounter after you acquire several dozen. It is at this point that you should be using your PlayMesh Points on crew members over all other options. In all cases PlayMesh Points are best used on iPirates crew members unless you have hit an overstock.

Eye Patch Game

In certain situations you can use your PlayMesh Points on money instead of crew members, but only very early on when you are trying to make money without leveling up. Later on you will have high yielding missions and in those cases it is acceptable to use PlayMesh Points on energy refills so that you can complete several missions in a row. Only do this once you are in a position to begin leveling up and that the missions you are going to complete are far more than the equivalent cash payout that would come simply by trading in PlayMesh Points. The only time you want to use PlayMesh Points on skill points is if you are unable to win fights in most situations. This should not be a main focus of your PlayMesh Points. PlayMesh Points should never be used on purchasing a new alias.

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