iPirates Help: Tips for Choosing the Best Quests, Properties, and Overall Game Strategy for the iPirates Game

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Starting Out in iPirates

When starting out in iPirates there is a certain course that will help you to succeed later on. If you avoid this you may give up your spot on the iPirates ranks, which only goes to perfect players. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to beginning in iPirates.

iPirates Tutorial

The first thing that is a good idea is to do the built in tutorial that comes in iPirates. This is especially true if you are new to PlayMesh games, such as iMafia or iRacing. This will give you a clear understanding of what everything is and where to go to do everything.


Start out by performing a few Scrub Deck Quests until you can get enough to buy a shovel. If you did perform the tutorial then you will have already done this so you can just go ahead and begin performing the Dig for Gold. This will be fine until you level up enough to get the rum bottle and perform Guzzle Rum.

Switching Properties to Make Money

Begin performing the Dig for Gold until you have enough money to buy the small island for $5,000. You are going to want to begin saving up money and then buying only properties, going from Small Island to the Beach or Port once you have more money. Once you get a small sum on a regular basis you should take a break from iPirates and let money accrue from your investments. Once you go back, you want to begin performing fewer Quests than before. Once you have a series source of money coming from your properties you will want to put Quests on hold for quite a while.

Building Your Strategy

From here, you want to add members to your crew as needed according to your properties. As you do this, begin adding the highest level of weapons currently available to you. Since property prices go up as you purchase them you will begin to notice that the cost of property is beginning to skyrocket. When this occurs, it is time to begin leveling up so that you can get more properties available to you. When you are leveling up focus most of your statistical increases on attack and defense, though energy may need some attention as well.

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