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Pirates Tips: Pirates Booty Points

by: Shane Burley ; edited by: DaniellaNicole ; updated: 5/25/2012 • Leave a comment

Here are some Pirates tips and guides for Booty Points.

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    Pirates Points

    Pirates, like its sister free iPhone game Vampires, works on a bare bones MMO text-based iPhone RPG system. This includes using Crew Codes to add people, performing missions for money and experience, and even making property investments for consistent income. One of these features that has continued over is the cheat point system, whereas Pirates players can purchase these Booty Points and use them for different game part. These Booty Points can be used for getting things like more gold and crew members with utilizing Crew Codes. Here are is a guide and series of tips for using Pirates Booty Points.

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    Pirate Booty!

    When you are at the main Pirates screen find Pirate Booty!, which is right under My Profile and directly above Top Pirates. Inside Pirate Booty! You are going to see your current number of Pirates Booty Points at the top of the screen. Below you will have several options where you can spend your Pirates Booty Points.

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    Buying Booty Points

    At the very bottom of the Pirate Booty! Screen you will see some options for purchasing more Pirates Booty Points. You will see links for buying back of twenty-five and one hundred Pirates Booty Points. Hit one of these links and you will be taken to the App Store page for that Pirates Booty Points package. You then purchase this as you would any application that requires payment. Download the Booty Points package, let it load up on your iPhone desktop, and then open it up. It will open up your Pirates account and the Booty Points you bought will be in place.

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    Booty Points Offers

    Below the links to pay Pirates Booty Points packages you will see a link titled “Complete Offers to Get Booty Points!” If you select this, you will see a number of different options where you are able to earn Pirates Booty Points by completing different promotional offers. These include taking navigation surveys, health surveys, attempting to win WalMart gift cards, and applying for credit cards. Each option has a different number of Pirates Booty Points attached to it, the size of which is usually correlated to the intensity of the offer. When you select one of these offers you will be taken to a web page for the said offer. Luckily, you are able to stay in the Pirates interface through this whole process.

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    Pirates Tips

    Once you actually have Pirates Booty Points, you need to spend them well. The most important place to spend your Pirates Booty Points is on money since it is very important to find funding early on in ways that do not force you to level up. Using it on crew members is not always a great idea because of the Crew Code system. Crew Codes make it very easy to add large numbers of people to your Pirates account, especially if you make your Crew Code readily available. If you are having trouble finding more Crew Codes then you can use some of your Pirates Booty Points, but Crew Codes should be fairly easy to find and the number of Booty Points that are required to add a crew member are pretty high. Energy refills are a good use once you are at later levels, but most other refills should be avoided as they are a waste of Pirates Booty Points.

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    Free Booty Points

    The only free Booty Points for Pirates that seem to be available right now are when you first download the free iPhone game. When you install Pirates, there are ten free Booty Points that are in the account right away. All the other MMO text-based iPhone RPGs have had released free points packages, so it is good to assume that there are free Booty Points packages in the works. In the future, there will most likely be free Booty Points given out as part of updates and to entice players to continue playing. The best Pirates tip that is available is to consistently keep your eye out for any free Booty Points that are made available.