Plants Versus Zombies Vasebreaker Puzzle Guide

Plants Versus Zombies Vasebreaker Puzzle Guide
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Break It Down!

Vasebreaker is one of two puzzle modes available in Plants Versus Zombies, the other being the I, Zombie puzzle mode. Of the two, Vasebreaker is often the faster paced. In Vasebreaker the player is presented with a field of vases which are broken with a mallet. Inside each vase is something - sometimes a plant, sometimes a zombie. The plants and the zombies can be of virtually any kind, and therein lies the fun. You can never be quite sure what is going to come busting from the remains of a vase.

The Basics

Every game of Vasebreaker starts with a field of vases on the board and nothing else. They all take place at night, presumably to allow the inclusion of mushrooms in the mix of plants. While Vasebreaker can become a very fast game, the player has all the time in the world at the beginning. Zombies do not spontaneously begin to bust out if the player waits too long to start busting vases.

Zombies proceed across the map in the usual right to left march, but one thing which is different is that some of the plants that are received by busting open vases are reversed from their normal positions. In other words, they are facing to the left and they shoot to the left, so they need to be placed on the right to shoot zombies.

There are certain plants which are extremely common. Those are Repeaters, Snow Peas, Threepeaters, Squash, and Potato Mines. Proper use of these plants is basically the entire strategy of Vasebreaker.

Vasebreaking and Planting Strategy

As one would expect, games of Vasebreaker should start by breaking the vases to the right. This gives the initial zombies the most time to walk across the field. It is tempting to break the green vases first, but resist the urge. Breaking the green vases puts those plant cards on the field before you have anything to do with them, and plant cards will eventually disappear if unused.

Don’t plant all of the plant cards which appear right away. Instead, evaluate which zombies are coming across the field in the lane you’ve started on and decide if the plants currently there can win or cannot. Planting unneeded plants into a lane means that there will be less support for other lanes and can result in bad situations. Also, remember that while cards do eventually disappear, a card being held does not disappear. This can be used to keep a card in play that the player does not want to plant yet because the player is unsure if the peashooters in a lane will emerge victorious.

Avoid the temptation to use Squash like a Cherry Bomb. The Squash can in fact take out multiple zombies, but only if they are clumped tightly together. This can be accomplished by breaking a vase when a previous zombie is directly on top of it, causing the zombies to walk together. The same goes for Potato Mines. They require setup, as well, so be sure to place them well in advanced of approaching zombies.

Advanced Strategy

As the levels progress, Vasebreaker becomes more and more challenging. In Endless Vasebreaker, it is possible to progress through forty levels. Doing so requires patience. Do not open up additional vases until you’ve dealt with the zombies already on the field. This takes more time, but it is much safer.

In Endless Vasebreaker, some vases will have sun inside of them which can be used to purchase Cherry Bombs. Using Cherry Bombs is almost a given as the levels move onward. Do not hesitate to use them if a situation looks like it requires it, but be sure to use them in such a way that they will be killing multiple zombies at once. It is quite wasteful to kill one zombie with a Cherry Bomb.

The most difficult enemy throughout Endless Vasebreaker is the Gargantuan. The problem with Gargantuans is that they will throw an Imp when they become damaged, which can cause the death of one of your plants and reduce your overall firepower. Gargantuans can be killed with two Squash, but don’t rely on Squash too much because you’ll also need to use the Squash to deal with zombies getting past your line or bucket zombies which come from the left-most vases. A better alternative is to rely on a combination. A Snow Pea and Squash on the left side combined with a Repeater on the reapeter can easily take down a Gargantuan.

Get to Breaking!

These tips are simple, but if followed they should make it possible to move into at least the low twenties on Vasebreaker Endless. Just remember that patience is a virtue. Vasebreaker can become very hectic when an unexpected Gargantuan comes busting from a vase - resist the temptation to go on a wild vase-busting excursion for extra plants and use the resources available to defeat the zombies in a lane.