Plants vs. Zombies Cheat Codes: The Full List

Plants vs. Zombies Cheat Codes: The Full List
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Plants vs. Zombies Cheat Codes

Plants vs. Zombies launched to much critical acclaim. The tower-defence styled game was a smash-hit with consumers, racking up over 1 million downloads during its first week on PC and Mac. Not only was the game massively addictive, but it also displayed a great sense of humour as well as a unique art style.

But no game is immune to becoming boring, and after a long time of collecting coins and plants, you might start to get a little bored. Thankfully, PopCap Games sneaked in a handful of cheats that when activated, will completely change the way you play.

Remember: In order to use these cheats, you must bring up the cheat code menu. The code depends on your version of the game – the Xbox 360 version requires you to hold onto LB, RB, LT, RT.

Important: Not only must you bring up the cheat menu, but also, each code can only be used once your Tree of Wisdom reaches a certain level. To find out which levels you will need to achieve for each code, please refer to our Tree of Wisdom guide.

Dancing Zombies

If there’s one memorable zombie in Plants vs. Zombies, it’s the “Dancing Zombie”. He’s mostly known for his ability to let lo

Dancing Zombie

ose on your frontlawn – 70’s style, and always has back-up dancers to assist him. But have you ever wondered what it would look like to have every single zombie on-screen to suddenly break into dance? Then this cheat code is for you.

Code: dance


While this cheat code won’t be anything that’ll make you go “wow, look what I just did!”, it’s certainly one that’ll add a bit of extra humour to the game.


If you haven’t guessed by the title already, this code will place mustaches on every zombie (however they won’t appear when looking at your collection of encountered zombies). Also worth mentioning; once you kill a zombie, his mustache will fly off of his face and land on your lawn.

Code: mustache

Futuristic Shades

Zombies may not have great tactics when it comes to trying to eat your brains, always going in a straight line, one behind the other – but once you activate this cheat, at least they’ll have a great sense of style.

Future Shade

The below cheat code will cause all zombies on-screen to wear futuristic looking sunglasses.

Code: future


In Plants vs. Zombies, you have a pretty simple frontlawn; five rows of green grass, but for some that simply doesn’t cut it as a lawn worth defending. Well, with this cheat code, each zombie’s death will cause daisies to grow on the spot of their death.


The more zombie that die in one certain spot, the bigger the bunch will become.

Code: daisies

Sweet Candy

Ever wondered what’s going on inside a zombie? Does his heart beat? Do they have emotions? Well, according to PopCap Games, they contain candy.

When this cheat code is activated, all zombies that are killed by your plants will have candy shooting into the air – I wouldn’t recommend trying to eat one though…

Code: pinata

Alternate Lawn mower

When your plants fail to protect your lawn (ultimately getting eaten) your last lines of defence are your Lawn mowers. These will activate once a zombie is close enough and will completely run over all zombies on the specific line.

When this cheat code is used, say goodbye to those regular red mowers, and say hello to the much more stylish ones – even killing zombies can look good.

Code: trickedout

Infinite Suns & Slow Zombies

The above codes do more fun than they do useful for when trying to negate a zombie invasion. But don’t worry, PopCap made sure to include a couple of cheat codes that will give you the upper-hand.

First off are infinite Suns – Cherry Bomb spamming anyone?

Code: tohot

The other code that was created for pure manipulation of the game will slow down all zombies.

Code: slowpoke